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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
A.test [no description available]
ACQAO-all All members of ACQAO
ACQAO-ci Chief Investigators of ACQAO
aevolunteer_network Asian & European Volunteer Discussion Group
An-lang Austronesian languages discussion list
announce.cs.cecs Announcements of interest to the RSCS community
ANU-Hockey-Mens The ANU Men's Hockey Club
ANU-Hockey-Womens ANU Women's Hockey
ANU-quantum-atom-optics ANU quantum optics and atom optics researchers
ANU-SCM ANU Student Christian Movement discussion and notices
ANU-SCM-Announce ANU Student Christian Movement announcements and notices
ANUBC-announce ANU Bridge Club Announcements List
ANUgreen.announce ANU environmental management announcement list
ANUgreen.discuss ANU environmental management discussion list
Anumc-announce [no description available]
Anumc-general [no description available]
anzac.conference T|rk-ANZAC Research Libraries Conference, 2006
AO-info Agent Orange Information List
Aqualist AQUA mailing list
Arthhonours2003 Arth Honours 2003 List
Atmos_enviro_health Atmospheric Environment and Health Collaboration
AUMLNEWS The Approach Users Mailing List FAQ Announcements
Auscert-mac [no description available]
Auscert-unix [no description available]
auscert-windows AusCERT Windows alerts
Australia-Japan-in-the-Region-Forum AJRC Forum
Bra.2016 Email distribution list for BRA 2016
Burgmannhb.ras2016 Email distribution list for Burgmann H&B RAs 2016
Burgmannvillage.ras2016 Email distribution list for Burgmann Village RAs 2016
Burgofficers.2016 Email distribution list for Burgmann Officers 2016
CantorionFriends Alumni choir announcements - all welcome
CSSA Chinese Students and Scholars' Association
cvs_members Centre for Visual Sciences (CVS) announcement list
cvs_seminars Centre for Visual Sciences (CVS) Seminar list
enviro-vlc Environment in Viet Nam and the Region
Enviro.collective.announce Mass email list for the ANU Environment Collective
ePortfolio Interest group for ePortfolios at ANU
Exec.bra2016 Email distribution list for BRA 2016 Exec
Frc Fenner Residents' Committee
Genalex6 [no description available]
gender-cedaw-vn Gender Equality and Women's Human Rights: Information Exchange Network
GFD-seminar GFD Seminar Mailing List
giaoduc-vn Education in Viet Nam Discussion Group
GoldenKeyANUMembers The ANU Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society Members' Mailing List
governance-vn Governance in Viet Nam
Gppad Group project for COMP4500 and COMP3500
greenoffice.discuss ANU Green Office Program discussion list
hallsncolleges.leaders a discussion group for office bearers and tutors in ANU H&C.
health-vn Health in Viet Nam and the subreagion
hepr-vn Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction Discussion for Viet Nam
humantraffic-vn Human Trafficking in Viet Nam and the subregion
InfoCommons Information Commons Announcements
ITER_australia ITER_Australia
khuyet-tat Diễn Đàn Người Khuyết tật Việt Nam
Link Link list on Australian network policy and communications
Marketing_committee Membership of the Marketing and Communication's Division Marketing Committee
mc_arc_apfrn [no description available]
microvm MicroVM research project
MSJA MSJA Editorial Board Mailing List
MSO Malaysian Students' Organisation Mailing List
NAMS [no description available]
Nauty [no description available]
Ncis.exec National Centre for Indigenous Studies mailing list
nucc National University Caving Club Mailing List
organicgarden Organic garden email list
Parents An information-sharing list for parents at the ANU
pasifika.anu Pasifika Australia @ ANU
Perl.sig [no description available]
Physics.honours.students Physics Honours Students
PhysicsSociety The Physics Students of ANU United!
Poco.scholars Postcolonial Scholars' Network (ANU)
Psych-Soc ANU Psychology Society announcements
Purple.Shin Purple Shin football competition mailing list
QUICC All members of QUICC
Ride2uni.announce This list distributes occasional information for people commuting to campus by active modes of transport.
RSES.public RSES Annoucements
RSSInfoline For general communication of Student Matters
Sakai-sig Sakai Special Interest Group
SCUNA-announce Announcement List for the ANU Choral Society (SCUNA)
Shutest [no description available]
Shutest2 [no description available]
Staff.soaa.other School of Archaeology & Anthropology POI
Stud-accom-campaign The ANU Student Accommodation Campaign (incl PARSA, ANUSA, ISSANU)
talk-is-cheap ANU Football Club mailing list
UNSociety The ANU United Nations Society
vnnews-l News from and about Viet Nam
volunteer-vlc Volunteer Discussion Group
vsganu-l ANU Vietnam Studies Group

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