[Easttimorstudies] "Truth, Death and Diplomacy in East Timor"

Jennifer Drysdale jenster at cres10.anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 5 11:45:08 EST 2006

>The April issue of The Monthly hits news-stands today.
>In "Truth, Death and Diplomacy in East Timor", Mark Aarons assesses 
>the recent report of the Commission for Reception, Truth and 
>Reconciliation. The report's findings provide stark evidence of 
>successive Australian governments' failings over East Timor, and 
>show the inaccuracies of the so-called Jakarta lobby's claims.
>"Since the 1999 independence vote, there has been a notable silence 
>from most of those who whitewashed Jakarta's crimes ... a powerful 
>argument exists for a deep self-analysis ... The issues go deeper 
>than East Timor: they extend to whether or not we will rebuild a 
>relationship with Jakarta based on the falsehoods of the past forty years."


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