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> We have recently supplemented the East Timor Law Journal with a site 
> search device and commenced a legal research section.
> The legal research section has commenced with an initial list of resources 
> on East Timor Land Law and Policy.
> Many more English translations of the Parliamentary Laws and Government 
> Decree Laws have also recently been added. The English-language 
> legislation section is still not entirely complete but we are striving to 
> complete the entire collection of post-independence laws in English.
> New images have been added and we have had to resort to advertising to 
> seek to cover operational costs as well as the development of existing 
> resources and the initiation of new projects (such as the collection of 
> more legal commentaries by East Timorese lawyers and the translation of 
> existing ones).
> We would also like to translate the site into Portuguese, Tetum and 
> Indonesian.
> If you have an article, essay or commentary that you would like to submit 
> for consideration in English, Tetum, Portuguese or Indonesian, please do 
> not hesitate to contact us.
> If you visit the site, please let us have any feedback.
> Sincerely,
> Warren L. Wright
> Publisher ETLJ


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