[Easttimorstudies] Independent evaluators required by Victim Support Service of JSMP (International and Timorese)

Bu Wilson Bu.Wilson at anu.edu.au
Thu Oct 12 09:48:43 EST 2006

Independent Evaluator (International)
The Victim Support Service (VSS) was established in 2005 as an independent
legal service within the Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP). VSS
works to improve access to justice for women and children victims of gender
based violence. It does this by providing legal advice and moral support to
clients throughout the legal process, from the time of initial police
complaint through to the court hearing. VSS aims, through collaboration and
training, to ensure that victims’ rights and wishes are respected at all
times by police and court actors. 
VSS would like to conduct an independent evaluation of its support services,
to assess whether VSS meeting the needs of victims of gender based violence,
and to receive recommendations on how to improve its service delivery. 
VSS is seeking an international consultant to conduct the evaluation over a
period of two weeks. The evaluation will be carried out in Dili, East Timor
and will involve:
-          reviewing client / stakeholder feedback questionnaires produced
by VSS 
-          analysis of the results of these questionnaires
-          conducting interviews with clients and key VSS stakeholders, and
-          presenting the evaluation findings in a written report and
workshop with VSS staff.
The successful applicant must possess the following qualifications and
-          a law degree
-          experience working in a community legal service
-          experience working in East Timor in the legal sector, and
-          fluency in Tetun or Indonesian.
For more information about the position, contact VSS for the terms of
reference: luis at jsmp.minihub.org or +670 (390) 3323-883.
Applicants need to submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a cover letter to
VSS by Wednesday, 25 October. Applications may be submitted in person at the
JSMP Office, Rua Setubal, Colmera or via the email address above. 


Victim support service EVALUASAUN EXTERNAL 2006
Evaluador Independente (Timorense)
Unidade foo Suporta ba Vitima (VSS) harii iha 2005 nudar servisu legal
independente iha Programa Monitorizasaun Sistema Judicial (JSMP). Objetivo
VSS atu aumenta aseso justica ba feto e labarik ne’be sai vitima krimi
bazeia ba genero. VSS halo servisu ida ne atu  foo assistensia legal no
suporta moral ba cliente durante proseso ba tribunal , husi nivel inisiu
wainhira hatoo keixa iha polisia too ba iha tribunal. VSS tenta, liu husi
kolaborasaun no treinamentu, garantia katak polisia no autores tribunal sira
foo respeitu ba direitu no hakarak vitima nian. VSS mos servisu hamutuk ho
organizasaun seluk ne’be mak foo suporta ba vitima hodi garantia katak
vitima simu suporta psikologia, emosional e praktikal ne’be mak presiza.
Tanba VSS foun, ne duni hakarak halo evaluasaun independente ba VSS nia
servisu durante tinan rua. Objetivo hosi evaluasaun ne atu hare no sukat
nunee VSS hetan suksesu iha nia programa foo supporta ba vitima ka lae? No
mos evaluasaun ne atu foo rekomendasaun oinsa atu hadia VSS nia servisu.
VSS presiza ema Timor oan ida mak bele servisu durante fulan ida nia laran,
halao entrevista ho cliente VSS no mos pasazeiro sira hanesan iha Dili,
Manatutu, Baucau, Viqueque, Los Palos, Ermera, Liquiça no Aileu. Atu mos
presiza halo kolaborasaun ho konsultan internasional ne’be mak atu halo
analisa resultado husi entrevista pasazeiro sira.
Applicante sira tenke:
-          Alumno universidade jurusan Fisipol ka Direitu.
-          Esperiensia servisu minimal tinan ida.
-          Abilidade servisu independente no servisu tuir tempo ne’be mak
-          Hatene koalia Tetun no Indonesia mos 
-          Esperiensia entrevista ho kommunidade
Se hakarak hatene barak liu tan kona ba posisaun ida ne, bele kontakto ba
VSS: luis at jsmp.minihub.org or +670 (390) 3323-883
Applikantes presiza hatama sira nia CV no surat applikasaun ba VSS antes
Kuarta, 25 Oktober. Bele hatoo applikasaun ba kantor JSMP iha Rua Setubal,
Colmera ka liu alamat email iha leten.
Bu Wilson
Regulatory Institutions Network
Research School of Social Sciences
Building #8
Australian National University
T: 02 6125 3194 
F: 02 6125 1507
M: 0407 087 086 
E: Bu.Wilson at anu.edu.au

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