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[Film to commence at 6.45pm] 
Video testimony from the Living Memory Project presented by Jill
Address and discussion -- the problem of impunity in East Timor 
Jill Jolliffe, well-known journalist, will present 'Simplicio's story',
video testimony from Santa Cruz massacre survivor Simplicio Celestino de
Deus, one of 52 interviews with former political prisoners filmed in
East Timor by the Living Memory project.
The film will be shown at the National Library Lecture Theatre sponsored
by Amnesty International Australia, and will be followed by her address
on the problem of impunity in East Timor and on the present situation
there. Dr George Quinn, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Asian Studies at
the ANU, will be moderator and speaker.
Jill Jolliffe has reported on East Timor since the invasion of then
Portuguese Timor by Indonesia in 1975. She is the author of a number of
highly respected works, including "Cover-Up: The Inside Story of the
Balibo 5" In 2006 Jill Jolliffe was named journalist of the year by Yale
University's Globalist magazine. She is currently Director of the Living
Memory Project, an oral history project which is creating an archive of
interviews recording the experiences of political prisoners of the
Indonesian period, to be preserved as part of East Timor's national
heritage. It is intended that the archive be available world-wide as a
record of East Timor's history for use in libraries, human rights
organizations, schools, universities and the media.
"The history of resistance and struggle is a crucial chapter in Timorese
history that still warrants serious historical attention and
documentation. There are stories of heroism, betrayal and survival that
need to be told, remembered and documented. This is why the Jill
Jolliffe project and video archive is such an exciting and powerful
project", Dr Viet Nguyen Gillam, Manager, Survivors of Torture Program,
Timor Leste.
Jill Jolliffe will address the issue of impunity in East Timor in the
light of the recent Security Council resolution of 26 August 2006,
providing for the renewal of serious crimes investigations. She and Dr
Quinn will also speak on the situation in East Timor generally.
Discussion will follow the address. There will also be displays on the
work of Amnesty International and on resources on East Timor at the
National Library of Australia.
The event is free. Refreshments will be served.
RSVP by Tuesday 26th September
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