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Workshop at the Melbourne Social Forum (MSF)

Date: Sunday 22 April 2007

Time: 3.00 - 4.15 pm

Where: Media Room, CERES Community Environment Park, 8 Lee Street,
Brunswick East, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
(Melways Map ref. 30 B-7)

How to get there: Public transport - Tram route 96 East Brunswick
(you can catch this tram from the Bourke St Mall)

MSF tickets for Sunday: Full $15, Concession $10

The workshop programme & site map is available at

Workshop panel:

*Ismenio Martins da Silva
(Graduate Student, International Community Development - Asia Pacific,
Victoria University)

*Alex Gusmão
(Graduate Student, International Community Development - Asia Pacific,
Victoria University)

*Danielle Ujvari
(Board President & Co-Founder, Ba Futuru www.bafuturu
Human Rights, Legal & Peace Education Specialist, PhD Researcher -
School of Social & Environmental Enquiry, University of Melbourne)

*Shona Hawkes
(East Timor Women Australia www.timorwomen.org)

*Chip Henriss-Anderssen
(Timor Sea Justice Campaign, Australian Army INTERFET veteran)

Workshop Facilitator:

Natalie Moxam
(formerly Friends of Baucau - East Timor Project Officer
www.friendsofbaucau.org , currently working as cross-cultural
participatory facilitator)

Description of workshop:

The Melbourne Social Forum takes place after the Presidential elections but
before the Parliamentary elections in Timor-Leste.  The role played by
Australia, whether we like it or not, has become an issue in those
elections. At government level debate on what Australia could do for
Timor-Leste gets stuck on issues such as troops and the level of aid.  This
workshop will endeavour to look more closely at Timorese voices on what
Australia¹s role should be, and also suggest an alternative paradigm for
thinking about the human development of the country, it will address issues
such as needs of youth, women, children, agriculture, educational
transformation, etc.

Background to workshop:

This workshop is an Australia-East Timor Association initiative and has been
designed by Dr Helen Hill, Chairperson AETA and Senior Lecturer in Sociology
(Asia Pacific Studies) at Victoria University.

About the MSF www.melbournesocialforum.org :

The MSF is part of a world-wide grassroots movement that searches for
alternatives, particularly to Neo-liberal globalization 'Another World is
Possible' is their slogan.

The theme of the MSF festival weekend of Saturday 21st -  Sunday 22nd at
CERES is 'Change the political climate: turn up the heat' - this refers
specifically to the context of Australia, not any other country.

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Tel.: 61 3 9416 2960
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