[TimorLesteStudies] Timor in Exhibition Canberra

Angie Bexley Angie.Bexley at anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 25 13:07:13 EST 2007


*Venue:* School of Art Gallery 
<http://campusmap.anu.edu.au/displaybldg.asp?no=105>, ANU

9 May – 5 June

*Wednesday 9 May*. *1 pm-2 pm*. Lunchtime forum at School of Art

Lecture Theatre Thresholds of Tolerance #1:

*We Refuse to Become Victims Collaboration *

Gembel (East Timor), Taring Padi (Indonesia), The Culture Kitchen 
(Canberra) will speak about their collective print project resulting in 
four large scale maps of Australia and south east Asia focusing on East 
Timor speaking about social, environmental and resource justice issues.

*Wednesday 9 May. **6 pm*. Official opening at SofA Gallery.



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