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Wed Aug 8 17:44:33 EST 2007

In case you missed it, Radio National showcased Ros Dunlop's work in recording 
music from across Timor-Leste on their "into the Music" show last Saturday. It 
is a lovely way to spend an hour and has some great insights into TL's music 
and culture.

The show is repeated on Radio National this Friday at 3pm or you can download 
the podcast from:



A Musical Tais - Recovering Music in East Timor

Since 2002 Ros Dunlop, an Australian clarinettist and music educator, has 
travelled to East Timor seeking out and recording traditional music -- music 
under threat of extinction because of invasion, occupation, and the 
discontinuity with the past. 

The Timorese are a highly musical people with a diversity of musical 
expression around the tiny and now fledgling nation. The program weaves 
musical threads from the past to the present day, with voice and instruments 
ranging from leaf and ankle bells to guitar and violin.

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