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Jennifer Drysdale jenster at cres10.anu.edu.au
Mon May 7 13:16:30 EST 2007

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>Hi Jennifer,
>Can you please distribute this? Even though the main
>focus of the magazine is Indonesia, articles about
>East Timor, in particular aspects of East Timor that
>interface with aspects of Indonesia would be more than
>Write for Inside Indonesia.
>Inside Indonesia is an independent non-profit magazine
>published by the Indonesia Resources and Information
>Program (IRIP). It aims to promote mutual
>understanding and cooperation between the peoples of
>Indonesia, Australia and elsewhere and to increase
>international awareness of the issues facing the
>Indonesian people today. It is committed to principles
>of economic and social justice, environmental
>sustainability and human rights.
>After over twenty years in print, Inside Indonesia is
>becoming a 100% web-based magazine. We are in the
>process of redesigning our website
>(www.insideindonesia.org) and will launch a new site
>later in the year. In the meantime, we are on the
>lookout for new articles. If you have an interesting
>idea for an article please get in touch.
>Inside Indonesia publishes articles on a wide range of
>political, social and environmental and cultural
>issues in Indonesia. We accept articles from all sorts
>of people ­ academics, journalists, students,
>travelers, NGO activists and others with an interest
>in Indonesia.
>Advantages of writing for the Inside Indonesia
>Already, we have tens of thousands of hits per month.
>Once our revamped site is up and running we plan to
>develop a free email subscription system which will
>automatically notify thousands of readers about new
>articles. All articles on the site will be available
>free of charge, as will be our archives of back
>issues. Once an article is on our site, it is there
>for good.
>  Once our new system is operational, we expect very
>little delay between submission of good quality
>articles and publication. If you have a burning issue
>to communicate, Inside Indonesia could be the place
>for you.
>A unique format.
>We offer a format that differs both from daily news
>reportage and the typical academic journal. We publish
>informative, analytical and/or reflective short and
>medium length pieces (most articles are either 700 or
>1400 words). We also plan to publish photo essays.
>Many of our writers are academic researchers who want
>to write about an aspect of their research in a
>digestible and immediate way. Few other media
>dedicated to Indonesia offer this service.
>Quality and reputation.
>Inside Indonesia has a long history and is
>well-respected. We strive to maintain high editorial
>standards. Every author works with a member of our
>team of editors, and all articles are submitted for
>review prior to publication.
>Over the coming months, Inside Indonesia wants to
>collate a good bank of articles in preparation for the
>launch of our website. If you think you may have an
>idea for an article:
>• First, check our existing website
>(www.insideindonesia.org) to get an idea of our
>typical format and approach.
>• Then, get in touch with the coordinator of our
>editing team, Edward Aspinall, at
>editor at insideindonesia.org
>Please note that as an entirely volunteer-run effort,
>Inside Indonesia is unable to pay for articles.

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