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Macquarie University Research Fellowships Scheme (Australia)

Macquarie University will offer up to six new postdoctoral research
positions commencing in 2009 through the Macquarie University Research
Fellowships Scheme. Positions will be awarded on a competitive basis and
will be full time for three years.


The Macquarie University Research Fellowships Scheme has three main


1. To provide support at a postdoctoral level to researchers near the
beginning of their 

research career who have an outstanding track record (relevant to
opportunity) or who show evidence of excellent research potential.


2. To provide an incubation research period for early career researchers,
allowing them to increase their competitive edge in securing research
funding from non-University sources.


3. To enhance the research capabilities of existing and emerging areas of
research concentration and excellence within Macquarie University.



Centre for Research on Social Inclusion is keen to attract suitable
applicants to apply for one of these fellowships through the Centre. The
Centre for Research on Social Inclusion is an interdisciplinary group of
researchers from disciplines such as Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy,
Cultural Studies, and Human Geography. We undertake social, cultural and
philosophical research into contemporary social justice issues. Broadly
defined, this includes research into the social, cultural, economic, and
political determinations of inclusion and exclusion, particularly in the
context of globalisation. Issues such as race, ethnicity, class, gender,
age, place, and globalisation are explored from a variety of disciplinary
and methodological perspectives. Within the broad rubric of social and
cultural inclusion, we have five areas of special research strength: 


Migration, Multiculturalism and Nation 
Critical Theory and Social Hope 
Welfare, Care and Social Policy 
The Postcolonial World and Globalisation 
Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban and Regional Spaces 

Potential candidates whose interests fit the centre should contact CRSI
(crsi at scmp.mq.edu.au) in the first instance, providing an indication of
proposed topic of research, and a short CV.



Closing dates:

Expression of Interest (CRSI Internal) - 25th April 2008, 5pm.

Expression of Interest (university)- 1 May 2008 5pm

Full application (by invitation only) - 4 July 2008 5pm


More Information on the scheme and application procedure:


For more information on sponsorship through the Centre for Research on
Social Inclusion: crsi at scmp.mq.edu.au 


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