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The Shooting of Horta

Video Journalist Mark Davis reports on the aftermath of the near fatal
shooting of President Jose Ramos Horta 
This week Video Journalist Mark Davis travels to East Timor and reports on
the aftermath of the near fatal shooting of President Jose Ramos Horta.

President Horta was shot earlier this year, after rebel leader Alfredo
Reinado and his followers paid an unexpected visit to the President's family

Have Your Say: Will tensions in East Timor be resolved by the arrest of
_the_arrest_of_those_behind_the_shooting_of_ramos_horta_544932> behind the
shooting of Ramos Horta?

Davis speaks exclusively to Reinado's troops who were with him at the

In her first interview since the shooting, the rebel leader's girlfriend,
Angelita Pires, accused of instigating the attack, tells Davis that she had
nothing to do with the shooting, and that she now fears for her life.

She flatly denies allegations she convinced a drunken Reinado to go to the
Presidential house.

Reinado's men tell Davis they were angry at the news that negotiations for a
potential peace deal had fallen through and had come down from their hideout
to speak with Horta face to face.

They also claim there was no plan to kill the President.

Davis's story is not to be missed.

Find out what went wrong - Wednesday April 16 at 8:30pm.

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