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Dear colleagues,

Ex Plus Ultra is an exciting, new, international post-graduate journal of
colonial and postcolonial history.  For the first edition of the journal we
are inviting creative, scholarly papers of up to 6000 words concerned with
all areas of colonial and postcolonial historical studies.

Please find below our 'Call for Papers' which includes all relevant
information, and please note the deadline for submission of papers is 31
October 2008.  The first edition will published online in April 2009.

We are trying to ensure that the call for papers is seen by as many people
who might be interested in contributing as possible.  It would be wonderful
if you could have a look yourself at our call for papers and forward this
call on to any relevant networks or individuals.

Ex Plus Ultra is a fully refereed journal currently hosted by the
Universities of Sydney, Leeds and Bristol.  For any enquiries about the
journal or our call for papers editors can be contacted via our email:
explusultra at usyd.edu.au

Many thanks,
Jemima Mowbray
on behalf of The Editors, Ex Plus Ultra

Ex Plus Ultra ¡V Call for Papers

Ex Plus Ultra is a new international postgraduate journal of colonial and
imperial history and post colonial theory.  We are seeking articles, review
essays and book reviews for our forthcoming first issue.

The name Ex Plus Ultra is a play on the old Roman warning non plus ultra
meaning ¡¥nothing further beyond¡¦ found by sailors and navigators at the
borders of empire. The warning defines the geographical limits of empire and
marks the ¡¥beyond¡¦ as nothingness.  It labels that which empire does not
know and that where empire does not go as a non-place and non-time. 
There is nothing further beyond.

Here is fiction announcing itself as fact; temptation packaged as
prohibition; polemic written as edict. Ex Plus Ultra meaning ¡¥out from
further beyond¡¦, although nonsense Latin, is a response and rejoinder to
non plus ultra.

Ex Plus Ultra is a journal that encourages work that goes beyond merely
unearthing ¡¥colonial¡¦ and ¡¥postcolonial¡¦ worlds and which seeks to
contest those very categories. There was no cataclysmic rupture heralding
the arrival of the ¡¥post-colonial¡¦ nor was the advent of colonialism
defined, uncontested or in some cases even as significant for the colonised
as has previously been assumed. The very categories of ¡¥colonial¡¦ and
¡¥postcolonial,¡¦ insofar as they subscribe to linear, progressive time, are
themselves imperial legacies.  This is a journal committed to thinking of
new ways to configure the broad, contradictory and diffuse processes of
imperialism. Imperialism should not just refer to British imperialism or its
privileged epistemic schemes. Imperialism is less to do with temporality
(post or not post) as it is to do with relationships between empires, within
empires and the constitution of colonised and colonising subjects.

For the first edition of Ex Plus Ultra we are casting a wide net, inviting
creative, scholarly papers of up to 6000 words that are generally concerned
with colonial and imperial history and postcolonial theory.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

„X	imperial intimacies: exploring the role of emotions, sex and desire
colonial and imperial power.
„X	law's empire: exploring the role of law and regulation, both
and formal, in the imperial project
„X	sensing the Other: exploring the imperial reconfiguration of social
sensory orders - how was smell, sight, touch, sound etc implicated in and
reordered by imperialism?
„X	beyond transnationalism: what are the problems with transnational
histories? Is there an implicit masculinisation of the global and
feminisation of the local? Does a transnational approach simply reinstate
the national? Does it forget about the minutiae or the nationless? Is it
really new? Are the terms global, supranational or cosmopolitan more useful?

All submissions must conform to Ex Plus Ultra submission guidelines
available on request.  Please attach any images or photos to be published
along with your paper.

The deadline for submissions is October 31 2008, please email all
submissions to:  The Editors at explusultra at usyd.edu.au

Ex Plus Ultra is a peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal.  The first
edition of Ex Plus Ultra will be published April 2009.  To contact the
current editorial collective please email: explusultra at usyd.edu.au

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