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minutes. If there are any amendments, please email me.


2 July 2008

Albert Park, Melbourne (ASAA Conference)


Sean Bain (Melb Uni), Alex Cullen (Melb Uni), 
Anya Dettman (NLA), Hedda Asklund (Newcastle), 
Deborah Durnan (UNE), Bob Boughton (UNE), Peter 
Dudy (Germany), Michael Leach (Deakin), Katrina 
Langford (Monash), Dennis Shoesmith (CDU), Jen Drysdale (ANU)


Janet Hunt, Bu Wilson, Andrew McWilliam, Angie Bexley, Fiona Crockford Smith

The meeting was open and informal, without an 
agenda. It began with everyone introducing 
themselves and their research  and Jen explained 
the background to the TLSA so far. Then the 
meeting became a brainstorm during which the 
following ideas (in no particular order) were proposed:

An issue of Asian Currents (the publication of 
the Asian Studies Association of Australia) focussing on Timor-Leste

Action: Jen to follow up

Supporting Timorese scholarship

The idea of supporting or mentoring Timorese researchers online was discussed.

Action: Jen to email TLSA list to ascertain level 
of interest in developing this idea further. 
Katrina interested in participating.

Central Database of Timor Leste Research

There are several institutions attempting to 
develop an ‘archive’ of research on Timor-Leste. 
Attendees noted the department of Education, the 
Department of Culture (contact Nuno Oliveira). 
Dennis had accessed UNTAET ‘archives’ which are 
simply filing cabinets in the relevant department 
which may not exist anymore. John

Faustino Gomes (who attendees understand is not 
currently working on research) had proposed a 
system of research visas, but no one is sure 
where this is at (i.e. that researchers could 
travel under specific research visas rather than 
tourist or student visas). However it was noted 
that FG advocates the Indonesian model whereby 
research is ‘approved’ by the administration, which could prove problematic.

The discussion moved on to Libraries:

UNTL has many donated books (some of which are 
useless).  The UNTL library was previously (?) 
supported by APHEDA. Helen Hill may know whether 
there are any librarians being supported.

A range of resources to identify research on 
Timor-Leste were identified including RMIT’s 
Globalism Institute Timor Project 
Digital Thesis Database 
John Waddingham’s work, Patty Manolis’ work 
(circa 2005), there may be Portuguese stuff 
available at the Camoes Institute, Kevin Sherlock 
in the Darwin library, Ruth Quinn at CDU Library, 
Catholic Church archives and Andrew McNaughton also had a lot of material.

Tetum Translation project

Micheal Leach explained he and Alex Gusmao have 
approval from Joao Cancio for a project that will 
facilitate the translation of research into 
Tetum, to enhance access to the wider Timorese 
community. Includes development of UNTL Press and 
will support Matebian Press, Baucau. Katrina 
suggested this could connect with students learning translation.

Action: Michael to inform the list of details 
when the project is up and running


There appear to be at least four conferences 
proposed for 2009. CDU/ANU (in Dili), Monash, Vic 
Uni (also in Dili), and ‘Ten Years On’ (Fiona Crockford and Angie Bexley).

Overall there appeared to be a range of items 
that could be added to the TLSA website, 
including about the logistics of doing research 
in Timor Leste (e.g. a list of Translators). 
Further, that members of TLSA should be 
encouraged to convey their research back to the 
Timorese community via workshops and seminars held in-country.

Action: Sean offered to advise on the set up of 
discussion forums on the various topics discussed 
that would link the TLSA website.


In addition there was a meeting after the ASAA 
conference which discussed the following –

- TLSA should be advertised as global network, 
not 'Australian' (even though affiliated to 
ASAA). I know it is already, but words like 
international on the site might help

- Better academic contact with Portuguese colleagues should be a priority

- Some concern again about number of TL 
conferences in 09 - everyone preferred some early 
action to facilitate coopoeration between the unis

- All liked the VU/ CDU idea of conference in 
Dili, and the ANU proposal at least seems to want in on that

- Idea of a Portuguese institution co-hosting 
that conference in Dili mentioned, lots of 
enthusiasm, Moises and Nuno liked the idea. I 
have subsequently run that by Helen who likes it too.

- ie Dili conference in the four languages, 
therefore maximising Timorese and Portuguese participation

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