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Scholarship Fund - Asia Pacific Regional Technology Centre (APRTC)

Details of the grant, including the amount, eligibility and deadline 
are given below.

Title Scholarship Fund
Sponsor Asia Pacific Regional Technology Centre (APRTC)
Deadline Continuous
Amount note Not-Specified
Abstract APRTC is well aware that the majority of the agricultural 
educators and other professionals who most need access to continuing 
educational opportunities are least able to pay for them. In response 
to this situation, and with the initial generous support of the 
international crop protection industry, we have established our 
agLe at rn scholarship fund to support deserving candidates from 
government agencies, academia and non-governmental organizations.
Eligibility In order to be eligible for a scholarship, you must
    * be an agricultural professional working in a developing country,
    * be involved in the promotion of sustainable agriculture,
    * be working with farmers or students of agriculture,
    * be in need of financial support to take advantage of an agLe at rn course,
    * receive a recommendation from your supervisor supporting your 
participation in the course.
Requirements If you meet these criteria and want to apply for a 
course scholarship, please do the following:
    * Click [Register with agLe at rn] on homepage.
    * Fill out the registration form. If you have already taken an 
agLe at rn course, be sure to login with your username and password. 
Your information will appear on the registration form.
    * Select the course and offering that you would like to attend.
    * Select the 'Scholarship' option in the Method of Payment section.
More info 
<mailto:info at aprtc.org>info at aprtc.org<http://www.gdnet.org/pdf/global_research_projects/migration/GDN_IPPR_Expression_of_Interest.pdf> 


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