[TimorLesteStudies] New Article: Richmond and Franks: Liberal Peacebuilding in Timor-Leste: The Emperor's New Clothes?

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Thu Jun 5 14:00:10 EST 2008

Peacebuilding in Timor Leste: The Emperor's New Clothes?

Authors:Oliver P. Richmond; Jason Franks


International Peacekeeping Volume 15 Issue 2 April 2008, pages 185- 200


A critical examination of the effort to build a liberal peace since1999 in East Timor illustrates that to a large degree the liberal peacemodel has failed the East Timorese people. There are two aspects tothis: the first is the failure to construct a social contract betweensociety and its institutions of governance. This is related to thebroader issue of the social legitimacy of, and contract with,international actors derived from society and its complex groupings.The second is the failure, at least in the transitional period, torespond to the experiences of everyday life and welfare requirements of the new state's citizens.

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