[TimorLesteStudies] Special Issue: id21 Insights: The island advantage: practices for prospering in isolation

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November 2007, id21 insights, Issue         #70       The island advantage       Practices for prospering in isolation       Island communities display rich and diverse cultures, languages, societies, histories, governance forms and livelihoods. Yet island characteristics such as isolation, restricted land area and limited domestic land-based resources bring about significant environmental and social challenges. The same characteristics also yield opportunities for tackling these challenges effectively.        This issue of id21 insights illustrates approaches available, successes witnessed and challenges overcome for building and maintaining healthy and viable island communities. Contributors to this issue highlight the positive aspects of island life as well as real threats facing islands and islanders. The objective is to showcase successful experiences and tested ideas which exemplify 'good-practices' and could be adopted by other islands.http://www.id21.org/insights/insights70/index.html

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