[TimorLesteStudies] Report: Negotiating Conflict Settlements: Lessons Learnt and Challenges

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Wed Jun 11 20:25:20 EST 2008

Dear friends and collegues,
we are pleased to present a report on the conference "Negotiating Conflict Settlements: Lessons Learnt and Challenges", which took place in Berlin on 7-9 March 2008, as part of the Berghof project "Resistance/Liberation Movements and Transition to Politics: Building a Network of Experience".
The conference aimed at facilitating peer-advice and exchange of experience among leading members of (and advisors to) resistance/liberation movements on several cross-cutting issues related to peace negotiations and implementation. 
This report presents the content of the discussions and the main lessons-learnt for national and international policy-makers which were drawn by the participants, in relation to three overaching themes:
- Coming to the negotiation table
- Rules of engagement during peace negotiations
- Negotiating the implementation of peace agreements

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