[TimorLesteStudies] Report: Myrttinen : Up in Smoke: Impoverishment and Instability in Post-Independence Timor Leste

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Myrttinen, H. (2007). Up in Smoke: Impoverishment and Instability in
Post-Independence Timor-Leste. Helsinki, Kehitysyhteistyön Palvelukeskus:

Table of Contents
1. An introduction to Timor Leste
A brief historical overview
2. The Political Crisis
Timeline of events (based in part on UN, 2006a)
A closer look at the political elite
The role of civil society
3. Socio-economic factors
Petroleum to the rescue?
Food insecurity
Trade, not aid?
New-found friends?
4. Security issues
Security forces – part of the problem, not the solution?
Public Enemy Number One? – The Gangs of Dili
History and Structure of the Gangs
Locating gang violence in class and ‘the hood’
Business first?
5. Cultural background
6. The international community – a paradigmatic failure?
Rivalry within the international community
7. In conclusion...


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