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>Jen, would you please the following message to 
>scholars who do research in Timor-Leste.
>Dear all,
>The IV Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste 
>has defined culture has one of its prioritary 
>areas of engagement. The State Secretariat for 
>Culture is the institution, under the Ministry 
>of Education, responsible for cultural heritage 
>management, museums and libraries in Timor-Leste.
>According to the Government's five-year program, 
>the Secretariat has produced a strategic plan 
>which defines its main guidelines for this 
>period. Besides cultural heritage, museums and 
>libraries, the State Secretariat for Culture 
>will also develope cultural contents for school 
>curricula, and will engage with other government 
>and non-government bodies in order to raise 
>awareness on the importance of access to culture to all Timorese.
>The State Secretariat for Culture of Timor-Leste 
>is aware that research undertaken by foreign 
>scholars in the country is of the utmost 
>importance. It also believes that results 
>produced in the course of these investigations 
>should be made accessible to all Timorese, as 
>well as to those interested in learning about 
>the country's history and culture.With that in 
>mind, the State Secretariat for Culture is 
>interested in liaising with scholars engaged in 
>research in Timor-Leste, in order to facilitate 
>the dissemination of results produced in the course of those investigations.
>Besides being in the process of creating a web 
>site which amongst other things, aims at making 
>available the results of research projects 
>undertaken in the country, the State Secretariat 
>for Culture will also be looking at establishing 
>links between international and local scholars and universities.
>We would therefore like to invite scholars 
>engaged in research in Timor-Leste to liaise 
>with our office before or during their fieldwork 
>in the country. The aim of this is not to limit 
>access to research in Timor-Leste but to 
>maximize available resources, making results 
>available to all Timorese. We would also welcome 
>any *pdf versions of previous published papers, 
>which we will make available through our web site later this year.
>Nuno Vasco Oliveira
>PhD Scholar, Department of Archaeology and Natural History
>Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
>College of Asia and the Pacific
>The Australian National University
>Assessor/Adviser Secretary of State for Culture
>Ministério da Educação, Rua de Vila Verde, Dili
>República Democrática de Timor-Leste
>T: + 670 333 9647
>M: + 670 736 9666
>Email: <mailto:nuno.oliveira at anu.edu.au>nuno.oliveira at anu.edu.au
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