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Report: Social and Economic Development in the Oecusse Enclave
By Kym Holthouse and Damian Grenfell, Globalism Institute RMIT University
and Oxfam Australia

Since Timor-Leste's independence there has been a range of proposed
solutions to Oecusse's newly created isolation, especially in relation to
the district's economic development and security. Oecusse is cut off from
the remainder of Timor-Leste and from many communities with which it has
strong socio-linguistic and trade ties but which now are effectively 'across
the border'. Moreover, access to the territory is severely limited, with
only a ferry providing regular public access from Oecusse to the remainder
of Timor-Leste and poor communications infrastructure within Oecusse itself.
The challenges facing the district are, to say the least, immense….

Please download a copy of the report from


Oxfam mak atu tradus no fahe relatoriu ne'e iha Timor-Leste / Oxfam is to
translate and distribute this report in Timor-Leste.
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