[TimorLesteStudies] AusAid PSLP 2008-09 Round One

Jenny Jennifer.Drysdale at anu.edu.au
Mon Oct 13 14:39:46 EST 2008


>AusAID is running it's Asia Public Sector Linkages Program (PSLP) 
>again and is seeking
>Activity Concepts by 24th October.
>The Program aims to improve public sector capacity for governance 
>and management for nationally determined development outcomes in 
>selected partner Asian countries. It is open to Federal, state and 
>territory government departments and agencies, as well as Australian 
>public universities. The aim of the funding is to:
>    * transfer capacity building skills and expertise to their 
> public sector counterpart institutions in partner countries
>    * support strengthening of sustainable development-focused 
> public sector bilateral and regional linkages.
>Funding is between $50,000 and $250,000. Duration of funding is 3-24 
>months. Proposed Activities should be self-contained. Activities 
>should be long enough to transfer capacity building skills and build 
>sustainable development-focused linkages.
>In 2008/09 there will be two rounds which are scheduled for October 
>2008 and March 2009.
>PSLP 2008-09 Round One opens on 1 October 2008 for applications in 
>respect of APEC, APEC AI, East Timor, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
>Note: Unfortunately, due to strong competing demands on available 
>program funds, South Asia cannot be included in PSLP 2008-09 Round 
>One, however, concept submissions are welcome for India.
>Documentation is at 

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