[TimorLesteStudies] United Nations Law Collection Now Available in HeinOnline

Charles Scheiner cscheiner at igc.org
Mon Oct 27 20:28:54 EST 2008

Friends --

You can get nearly all Timor-Leste-related UN documents since independence
free at www.laohamutuk.org/reports/UN/06UNMITcreation.html#docs.

If you have any suggestions about additional information to include, 
or better ways to make this collection useful, please let me know.


Charlie Scheiner, La'o Hamutuk

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>Subject: [TimorLesteStudies] United Nations Law Collection Now Available in
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>United Nations Law Collection
>Now Available in HeinOnline!
>Through an arrangement with the United Nations, HeinOnline is pleased to
>introduce its latest addition, the United Nations Law Collection, offering
>you digital access to exact reproductions of the major United Nations law
>publications.  With this new a-la-carte library, international legal
>research will never be the same!
>More than 30 libraries have already signed up for access to this great
>resource!  We would like to thank these subscribers for supporting this new
>program and look forward to expanding the contents to continue providing you
>with invaluable international legal research materials.
>For those of you who have not yet subscribed, contact us today to find out
>how you can pull up a UN Treaty citation, access the treaty text, and read
>supporting law review articles all within HeinOnline!
>HeinOnline's United Nations Law Collection contains exact page-by-page
>replicas of official published documents including:
>- Complete collection of the United Nations Treaty Series (1946-current)
>- Statement of Treaties and International Agreements (1983-current)
>- International Court of Justice, Reports of Judgments Advisory Opinions and
>Orders (1947-current)
>- Reports of International Arbitral Awards (1948-current)
>- Documents of the United Nations Conference on International Organization
>- United Nations Legislative Series
>- Official records of the First, Second, and Third United Nations
>Conferences on the   Law of the Sea with Final Act
>- Official Records of the United Nations Conference on the Law of Treaties
>- Law Reports of Trials of War Criminals - Selected and Prepared by the
>United Nations War Crimes Commission
>- United Nations Treaty Handbook
>- Final Clauses of Multilateral Treaties Handbook
>- Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General
>In addition to the above key historical documents, the following U.N.
>Yearbooks are also included:
>- Yearbook of the International Law Commission
>- International Court of Justice Yearbook
>- United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Yearbook
>- United Nations Juridical Yearbook
>- United Nations Yearbook on Human Rights
>In addition to the complete historical files of this invaluable
>international legal research material, HeinOnline will make finding and
>locating United Nations materials faster and easier!
>Using convenient finding aids, accessible directly from HeinOnline's United
>Nations landing page, you will be able to:
>- Quickly find and retrieve a UN Treaty by entering the UNTS citation.
>- Search for a UN Treaty by treaty/registration number, country, short
>title, popular name, description, signing date and much more!
>- Search by subject area, as all treaties have been assigned a Kavass
>- Find and link directly to law review articles that cite a specific UN
>Treaty with the click of a mouse!  Then from within the law review articles,
>you can further link to other HeinOnline documents that discuss the treaty
>context, like U.S. Statutes.Start and finish your international treaty
>research all in one place.  Pull up a treaty citation, access the treaty
>text, read supporting law review articles, link to other documents such as
>federal regulations and more, all within HeinOnline!
>Subscribe today to lock in your library's guaranteed lifetime discounts!
>Commit before January 1, 2009 and save 10% on the initial release, as well
>as secure a perpetual 10% discount on the annual access charge.  Are you
>subscribed to HeinOnline's Foreign and International Law Resources Database
>(FILRD)?  If so, call us now to find out how you can save even more!  For
>more information about this new HeinOnline collection, please view our
>detailed brochure , http://heinonline.org/HeinDocs/UnitedNations2.pdf.
>Commit today to take advantage of this limited time offer!
>Contact us at:
>Wm. Shannon Hein
>Toll Free: 800-828-7571, Ext. 165
>shein at wshein.com
>Dick Spinelli
>Toll Free: 800-776-4561
>rspinelli at wshein.com
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