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External Evaluator Required for Luta Hamutuk

Dear all,


After three years as a local Timorese non governmental organization, we Luta
Hamutuk would like to get some           
comprehensive feedback of our work from our partners, target groups, and
institutions with whom we are engaged.       

To get good feedback depends on a good report, which will be done by a good
evaluator with excellent experience. To do
this job Luta Hamutuk is looking for one international and one local
Timorese to do the evaluation, who will work     
together for fifteen days on the evaluation.


The opportunity for the international evaluator is limited to someone who is
currently residing in Timor-Leste,       
Australia, or Indonesia, because we have a limited budget for the airfare.
The Timorese evaluator should be a resident
of Timor-Leste. Luta Hamutuk will pay daily fees for both evaluators,
accomodation for the international evaluator and
the cost for transportation during the evaluation around and outside of
Dili. The cost of daily meals will be borne by
the evaluators themselves.


If you are interested please send your application letter and CV to:
thomas_freitas at yahoo.com and please Cc to       
lutahamutuk2005 at yahoo.com

The deadline for application is 2nd of October 2008. and please find the
Term of Reference and budget proposal as     


Thank you for your attention and we are looking forward to your response.



Best regards,


Tomas Freitas

Director of Luta Hamutuk

phone:     +670 - 7245063

Landline:     +670 3322619

email: thomas_freitas at yahoo.com

Address ; Rua Celestino da Silva, Farol, Dili Timor-Leste.  






Timor-Leste Institute for Research, Advocacy and Campaigns




Email Add: lutahamutuk2005 at yahoo.com 

Address: Rua Gov. Celestino da Silva-Farol, Aldeia Lirio, Suco Motael, Vera
Cruz, Dili

PO. BOX: 1034, Correios, Dili, Timor-Leste

Tel: (+670) 332 2619 or (+670) 724 5063, 726 3783 & 724 3966




External evaluation Luta Hamutuk Program 


Project Name: 


Luta Hamutuk Programs and Activities 2006-2008


East Timor

Total Evaluation Cost $:


Planned start and completion date 

6-24 of October 2008


A. Evaluation Outline:  


Officially Luta Hamutuk starts in 20 of June 2005. Founders by Several
Activist: Tomas Freitas, Mericio Juvenal, João Zito Viana, Jose da Costa,
Jose Monteiro, Pedrito Viera, and Karlito Nunes. Started with one commitment
fighting for economic justice, trough the mission of “Participation by the
people in the struggle for economic justice”, with the Short Term of our
strategy were guided by our Vision; “The establishment of “Ukun Rasik An”
(self-reliance) in the Republic Democratic of Timor Leste as a manifestation
of national commitment for economic justice and public participation, with
respect on values of democracy, equality and transparency”. 


To reflecting those Mission and Vision, we had decided four objectives to
stimulate our programs and activities;

·           Developing Construction Relationship among the government,
parliament, Church and Civil Society on thFormersues of transparency for the
income gained from natural resources Oil and Gas. 

·           Developing collective understanding among the government,
parliament, church and Civil society on thFormersue of information related
with the process of national budgeting.

·           Being a strong and credible organization with good reputation
and performance and developing cooperation with national and international

·           Developing basic understanding on national budget and petroleum
fund trough training for target groups, such as national NGOs, Commission of
Justice and Peace (church) District Liaison Officer (NGO Forum).


We conducting two main programs such as; Monitoring State Budget and
Monitoring Revenue from Oil and Gas to achieving our objectives, the
articulation of Budget Monitoring is, we monitor the process of making the
State Budged specially “Cycle’s of the Budget”, and we also monitoring
execution of the State Budget for general alocation of expenditures for
specific department relating to our work. At the first year, Outside of the
Dili, we started monitoring the Projects of Roads Rehabilitation from
Lospalos to Iliomar in Lautem District. In Dili, we monitoring the
Electricity Problem, apart of monitoring the problem of electricity, we also
conducting the advocacy for the vendors at Mercado Comoro, were was evicted
by Local Authority.


Monitoring the Oil and Gas Revenue, trough informed to the public the
information regarding to the revenue of Petroleum Fund, which including the
tax payment and the share profit by the Oil Companies. Also we informed to
the public regarding to the allocation of the Petroleum Fund to State


How do we inform to the public? we informing to the public, trough our
Activities such; Briefing Communities, Trainings, Seminars, Press
Conferences, Submission, Monthly paper (Faktus Informasaun), Brochures,
Audio Visual Documenter, Overseas Campaign, Background Lobby and Podium for
Reflection (Palku Refleksaun)


Trough the evaluation were we conducting almost every year, We make some
changing of the target groups for the partners, we decide to make a distance
between Justice and Peace Commission, because their focus not matching any
more with Luta Hamutuk. We prefer to work closelly with Focal Point which
also from the community itself, rathar than work with NGO Forum District
Liason Officer, the DLO have to much to offer their energy to another NGOs
were more than three hundreds NGOs around the country. We also stop doing
the advocacy and monitoring for the Formersue of “Mercado Comoro” because
the impact of the 2006 crisis.


In the last year, we did an expansion of the work for monitoring the
Veterans Houses, which we are think the most important and sensitiv
Formersues to look at it. Trough our six volunteer of focal point, we
conducting first step of Input Level. Gathering the paper work of Contract
paper “ Bill of Quantity” those document almost all of them already in our
hand. With the extra field visit, make us confident and stronger to yelling
out to the public via Press Conference. 


Panorama of Timor-Leste economic. Trough our analisys and speculation, this
government will try to use a lot of money from the Petroleum Fund. At the
moment about $3.2 Billion still sitting in the Federal Reserve Bank in New
York, previous government and current government already used more than $400
million. And for this mid year budget 2008, the national parliament had
decided to withdraw more than $500 million for fill this deficit budget.
Next year, the current government call for Infrastructure year, that is mean
will spent a lot money for the fisical development. If these true, Luta
Hamutuk will have a lot work to do, which have to make sure the projects
will be in good quality and bring the benefition  for the community.
Hopefully this consultancy to review our current startegy plan and with the
outcomes of The result of this External Evaluation will be use for our
strategy plan which will be last for three years plan, 2009-2011. 



The Overall Objectives for this evaluation is:

1)      evaluate Luta Hamutuk’ programs and activity Former in line with our
program strategies and 

2)      doing the assessment and make recommendations for current and longer
term plans for Luta Hamutuk program and activies 


B. The Specific Objectives of the evaluation:

1.       Gather detailed information to assess whether Luta Hamutuk project
achievements are in line with their set objectives and work plan over the
years 2006 - 2008. Also document strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

2.       Provide recommendations from partners, allies and government to
adapt and/or update Luta Hamutuk’s current strategy for 2009-2011.

3.       Develop recommendations, based on the first four objectives, for
longer term vision, direction for Luta Hamutuk program and partners.


C. The Expected Outputs from the evaluation will be:

*	Comprehensive report of Target Groups achievements and Luta
Hamutuk’s provided support, in reference to objectives of both Luta Hamutuk
Program 2006-2008 and Luta Hamutuk Strategy Plan 2009-2011 

*	Provide overview of Target Group’s future plans and implications for
Luta Hamutuk


D. Methodology and Timeline: 15 working days:


·          Desk review of Target Group’s, Luta Hamutuk program and documents

2 days

·          Visiting/ interviewing Target Groups and other agencies 

Tools used to do evaluation “Luta Hamutuk 5  Core questions” 

(the core question at the anexes below)

6 days

·          Field work - community, meetings with 2 partners’ target groups 

Tools used to do evaluation “Luta Hamutuk   Core questions” 

Luta Hamutuk framework and Strategic Directions

3 days

·          Discussion and feedback with Luta Hamutuk team 

2 days

·          Report writing (Contents of the Report at the anexes below)

2 days


In consultation with Luta Hamutuk, the evaluators are expected to design
their own participatory approach provided that the objectives and outputs
are achieved and within budget. 


F. Profile of evaluators:

*	An international external consultant 

*	Speaking Tetum or Bahasa 

*	Familiar with Timorese context 

*	Preferred experience with evaluation methodologies 

*	Good skills on data gathering using participatory methodologies 

*	Good analysing skills


*	A second evaluator (East Timorese external consultant) 

*	Familiar with the work of (local) NGOs and Timor Leste and work of
Luta Hamutuk 

*	Preferred experience with evaluation methodologies 

*	Familiar working with participatory methodologies 

*	Good analysing skills


G. Other information

Documents available:

·          Luta Hamutuk reports (annual, six month)

·          Luta Hamutuk proposals

·          Focal Point capacity assessment

·          Monitoring reports

·          Luta Hamutuk evaluations or strategic plans


Suggestion for visiting Partners:

·          Steering Committee (KMSPDI)

·          All Luta Hamutuk Focal Point in District

·          Administrator Lautem (Olavio Monteiro)

·          Administrator Aileu (Martinho)

·          Administrator of Atauro

·          Justice and Peace Commission (Pe. Syrus & Agustino)

·          Ministry of Finance (Emilia Pires, Antonio Freitas & Francisco

·          Secretary State of Water and Electricity (January da Costa)

·          Secretary State of Public works (Rui Hernani & Domingos Caero)

·          Secretary State of Natural Resources (Alfredo Pires & Francisco

·          Secretary State of Veterans (Marito Reis)

·          EDTL (Virgilio Guteres,Helio Ximenes & Antonio Soares)

·          Parliament Infrastructure Committee (Pedro Martires & Joaquim

·          Parliament Economic & Finance Committee (Manuel Tilman & Cecilio

·          Provedoria Direitus Humanos e Justica (Sebastiao, Amandio &

·          Bank Payment of Autority ( Abrao de Vasconselos & Venancio Alves)

·          Consultative Council of Petroleum Fund (Francisco Vasconselos &

·          Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) T-L (Manuel de

·          Former Administrator Lospalos Kota (Jasinto)

·          Former Administrator Vemasse (Bras Pascoal)

·          Former Prime Minister (Mari Alkatiri)

·          Former Vice Prime Minister ( Rui de Araujo)

·          Former Minister Natural Resources, Mineral & Energy Policy (Jose

·          Former Minsiter of Public Works (Odete Vitor)

·          Former Vice Minister of Development (Arcanjo)

·          Former Director of Procurament (Gregorio Saldanha)

·          Core Group Transparency (Lao Hamutuk, MDI, Fongtil, Rede Feto,
Hak, Etadep)



·          Oxfam Australia (Keryn Clark, Leoniel & Nicole)

·          Concern (Clare Danby)

·          Progressio (pak Theo)

·          Haburas (Deometrio)

·          Permatil Ajai)

·          Hasatil (Arsenio)

·          LABEH (Kristhoper)

·          World Bank (Antonio Franco)

·          Radio Timor Leste (Fevo, Paul & Rosario Martins)

·          Timor Post (Pimpinan Redaksi)

·          Suara Timor Lorosae (Salvador Ximenes)

·          Diario Nasional (Alves)

·          Radio Voz

·          Radio Ramkabian (Euriko)

·          TVTL (Pascoela & Paulino Quintas)

·          Chefe Suco Campo Alor, Motael & Bidau)

·          Cuban Embassy

·          Portugal Embassy



The core question.

1.    What changes have people experienced as a result of the work, ie what
are the outcomes of the work?

2.    How relevant or appropriate are these outcomes, in light of the
overall goal of the work? 

3.    What evidence is there of positive, longer-term change as a result of
the work?

4.    How sustainable are these changes?  

5.    Co-ordination with other organisations, and complementing what they
are doing is important in assessing overall effectiveness. Looking back,
might a different approach have used available resources more effectively

Anexes. 2

The structure of the Report Should be as follows:

o    An executive summary
o    A brief overview of context
o    A summary of key findings
o    Lessons learned, general conclusions for wider use
o    Recommendations, targeted to Luta Hamutuk (the TOR makes this very
o    Terms of reference
o    A brief description of methodology and process
o    Links and directions to source material and other reference documents

o    Supplementary material should go in an annex. 

o   The main report to less than 30 pages.


Code Category	 Details expenditure	 Quantity	  Unit Cost
Sub-cost 	  Total Cost 	
 	  	  	  	   (USD) 	   (USD) 	   (USD)

 	 External Evaluation (for 15 days)

6201	 Local transportation	 15	 days	             5.00
6202	 District transportation	 3	 days	           90.00
6203	 Overseas travel	 2	 times	         600.00
6402	 Telephone, phone card, faximile and internet	 2	 units
25.00 	         50.00 	 	
6404	 Venue rental (hotel)	 15	 days	           45.00
6500	 Vehicle operation fuels	 200	 litres	             1.50
7111	 Profesional services (foreigner)	 15	 days
225.00 	     3,375.00 	 	
7111	 Profesional services (local)	 15	 days	         125.00

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