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>Subject: ETLJ New Article on Defamation
>ETLJ 4 Defamation - a Crime or Not in Timor-Leste? A Legal Analysis
>Extract: Defamation was confirmed as a criminal offence in Timor 
>Leste in 2003 in the case of a non-national versus Suara Timor 
>Lorosa'e (a leading daily newspaper) where the court decided in 
>favor of the non national. As a consequence, STL had to pay a lot of 
>money to that person. This issue was also debated when the previous 
>government tried to criminalise defamation through a draft of a new 
>Penal Code that up to this day continues to be a "draft" waiting to 
>be approved in the coming months. At that time everybody, civil 
>societies, academics, Catholic Church and some international 
>organisations did not agree with the plan of the previous government 
>to criminalize defamation. That is why the President of the Republic 
>(current Prime minister) invited everybody including the Judges of 
>the Court of Appeal to an open discussion or debate on Televizaun 
>Timor Leste (TVTL) and as a result the draft Penal Code is still 
>pending (Thank God!).
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