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NB a range of interesting videos about East Timor are on this site. Bu

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 > Hi Vacy,
>  I'm now working for  EngageMedia ( www.engagemedia.org ) - YouTube with  an activist twist as we only feature social justice and environment videos from  Asia-Pacific. Plus, all videos are free to download and shared, also, we run  (and develop) the open source engine - in other words, we share at the truest  sense. Our tiny little office is in Melbourne, but I'm still based in Indonesia,  doing the Southeast Asia videos while there is an editor in Sydney who does to  Australia and Pacific contents.
> So, if you know people making cool videos  on the region on our kind of issues, please pass on this info, and if you would  also like to share videos, please tell me (my other email is  enrico at engagemedia.org).
> Take care!
> Rico  
>  Free eMail .... the way it should  be....
> http://www.hablas.com

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