[TimorLesteStudies] Expressions of interest in Reading Portuguese course?

Anya Dettman adettman at nla.gov.au
Wed Dec 9 13:15:19 EST 2009

As some subscribers to this list may know, an intensive course in Reading Dutch for historical research will be offered in 2010, before the ASAA conference. This email is to ask for expressions of interest in attending a similar course in reading Portuguese, as Portuguese is not currently taught in Australian universities, and evening college courses and textbooks for English learners of Portuguese tend to focus on conversational Portuguese, not reading historical sources. If there is sufficient interest, I will start to make enquiries about organising such a course, drawing on the expertise and experiences of those who organised the Dutch course.

At this stage I would like to know such details as:

Your name, contact details
Why you want to learn Portuguese and what type of Portuguese - historical or contemporary? What sources do you need to be able to read?
Would you be prepared to attend an intensive residential course, say at the ANU in holiday periods (and when is your preference), or prefer a semester-long university course (or an on-line course, although this would be very difficult to arrange)
Do you have details of contacts in the Portuguese Embassy/Consulate/Camoes Institute (or elsewhere) who may be able to assist with arranging funding?

As an ability to read Portuguese would be of benefit not only to researchers working on Timor-Leste but also on the wider issues of the Portuguese in Asia, former Portuguese colonies in Africa and Latin American studies I  encourage you to forward this email to other lists you feel may have an interest. Please reply direct to me at the email address below, not to the list.

Many thanks,
Anya Dettman

Anya Dettman
Librarian, Indonesia and East Timor Unit
Asian Collections
National Library of Australia
ph: (02) 62621647
email: adettman at nla.gov.au

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