[TimorLesteStudies] TLSA New Website

Jennifer Drysdale jennifer.drysdale at anu.edu.au
Sun Jan 18 21:45:41 EST 2009

The Timor-Leste Studies Association has a new website.


It looks much the same as the old one but we wanted to change our domain name to suit our name and acknowledge that our membership are from all over the world (not just Australia).

A couple of new pages have been added to the website to bring you details of the forthcoming TLSA Conference in Dili. The Conference pages are in English, Indonesian and Portuguese.

Our subscriber page is currently unavailable though and I  do need some help to get it going again (and tidy up some of the other pages). I am a beginner and not familiar with some aspects of Dreamweaver. If you can help (its a PHP page with a database attached), please do drop me a line. I am now based in Melbourne but happy to call you back wherever.

Cheers and Happy New Year
Jen Drysdale

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