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Diminishing Conflicts in the Asia-Pacific. 
  This one day workshop is the culmination of a 2008 College of Asia and the Pacific seminar series on the diminution of ethnic conflicts in the Asia-Pacific region. A host of country and area specialists provided close studies of why conflict has, or has not, faded in a large number of cases. The workshop is intended to focus on intensive comparison across cases, search for common trends and causal factors, and identify key divergences. 
  Friday 30 January 2009, 9:00 to 10:30 Hedley Bull Lecture Theatre 1
  Public plenary session. 
  DIMINISHING CONFLICTS: How do we talk to each other and what do we gain by doing so?
  The session will outline the origins and development of the project, emphasize its cross-regional, cross-disciplinary nature and invite discussion from the floor. (Initiated by Edward Aspinall, Robin Jeffrey and Anthony Regan).
  11 am to 5 pm Reading Room, Political and Social Change, Level 4, Hedley Bull Centre
  Intensive workshop on individual cases
  11 am to 12 noon         Edward Aspinall – Aceh
                                      Anthony Regan – Bougainville and Nagaland. 
  12 noon to 1 pm           Christopher Snedden – Kashmir
                                      Susan Harris-Rimmer – East Timor
                                      Nicole Haley - PNG
  1 pm to 2                      Lunch – participants to forage on their own
  2  to 3                          Matthew Allen and Sinclair Dinnen – Solomons
                                      Michael Cookson – Papua
                                      Jon Fraenkel - Fiji
  3 to 4                           John Braithwaite – Maluku
                                      Robin Jeffrey – Punjab
  4 to 5                           Lessons and possible future direction of the project
  Jean Hardy
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