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Bu Wilson Bu.Wilson at anu.edu.au
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dear Bu Wilson,

greetings from dili. i read the english translation of my article on
Unpol/Pntl and noticed one detail to the story that might be worth to be
corrected ('The ruling made by the Court of Appeal in December 2008 annulled
a court order to suspend Adérito da Costa Neto, PNTL Baucau district
commander.'): it was not the Court of Appeal that suspended Adérito da Costa
Neto; it was a suspension order issued by then acting Unpol commissioner
Arevalo; the Court simply reversed that order/suspension, without going into
the 'substance' of the matter (if mr.Neto did or did not committ a serious
offense) because it considered in the first place that mr.Arevalo had not
the executive powers to suspend that officer - or any other, for that

pedro rosa mendes

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