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>Enquiries: Geraldo moniz da silva <monizdasilva at gmail.com>
>Dear All
>The Justice for the Poor Timor Leste (J4P) 
>program at the World Bank, would like to 
>announce that J4P is looking for Field Research 
>Supervisor, Type of recruitment is 
>International. For details about job descriptions, please see below.
>Thank you so much for your good cooperation.
>Kind Regards,
>Geraldo Moniz da Silva
>Research Assistant for Justice for the Poor Timor Leste
>The World Bank
>Av, Direitos Humanos Lecidere
>Dili, Timor Leste
>Ph no. +670 7336064
>Email. <mailto:monizdasilva at gmail.com>monizdasilva at gmail.com


Terms of Reference

Field Research Supervisor
Justice for the Poor
World Bank, Timor-Leste

Location:         Dili, Timor-Leste, with 
extensive field work (50%+ of the contract)

Duration:         Short Term Consultant – 100 
working days (w possibility of extension)

Recruitment:   International


1.      Justice for the Poor (J4P) is a global 
research and development program aimed at 
informing, designing, and supporting pro-poor 
approaches to justice reform. J4P seeks to 
understand how governance and justice systems 
function at the local level, and how individuals 
and communities navigate those systems in order 
to resolve disputes and to make claims to (or 
against) state- or non-state authorities. J4P 
aims to inform operations in the areas of 
governance and justice, build the capacity of 
local institutions and researchers to design and 
implement high-quality research, disseminate 
findings, and use such findings to inform ongoing policy reform.

2.      The J4P program has been active in four 
countries (Indonesia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone and 
Kenya) and with the support of AusAID is 
developing a regional program in East Asia and 
the Pacific, which includes two new country 
programs (Timor-Leste and Vanuatu). In each 
context, research and activities are tailored to 
the Bank’s Country Assistance Strategy and where 
possible are integrated into the Bank’s operational initiatives.

3.      Justice for the Poor Timor Leste (J4P-TL) 
was launched in July 2008. As the nascent state 
expands its footprint beyond Dili through 
decentralization, budget expenditure and other 
means, Justice for the Poor will contribute 
analytical and operational work that aims to 
promote equity, sensitivity to conflict and 
accountability to the public. A draft Program 
Framework Document defines the program’s scope of 
work.  The two main fields of work in this 
respect are: (i) state-building at the local 
level; and (ii) land and natural resource management.

State-Building at the Local Level

4.   Under its local level state-building 
sub-focus, J4P will examine the relationships 
between citizens, traditional institutions, and 
the formal state, beginning with an analysis of 
how each understands, defines, accesses, claims 
and enforces rights and entitlements to 
state-provided benefits. Research will be 
grounded in the ample literature on 
state-building and local level governance, and 
will provide practical analysis of how competing 
concepts of statehood and identity (national, 
sub-national, group, etc) impact conflict, 
stability, and development. Analytical activities 
will seek to clarify the means of citizen-state 
engagement – whether directly or through 
intermediary authorities – as well as the 
relationship between centralized and 
decentralized state authorities, and state and 
non-state actors. Research will also examine how 
the government’s current methods of expanding 
state presence impact the state’s legitimacy and 
helps (or not) to meet citizen’s expectations.

5.   J4P will commence with a collaborative 
research initiative in partnership with the 
Bank’s Social Development unit examining how 
individuals and communities understand, access, 
claim, and hold to account both state and 
non-state resources. It is anticipated that the 
research findings will assist the team to design 
social accountability mechanisms for SDV 
operations: the Youth Development Program (YDP) 
and National Workfare Program (NWP) as well as 
Government’s Local Development Programme (LDP) 
and decentralization reforms more generally. 
Given the centrality of cash transfers and grants 
to the government’s current local level 
engagement, this research should provide an 
excellent starting point for the state-building 
component of the J4P-TL program.

6.   To implement its initial round of field 
research, J4P will partner with a local 
institution to conduct research and analysis. 
Under this partnership, four national researchers 
will be hired and trained to conduct in-depth 
qualitative field research in two districts in 
Timor-Leste (to be determined in partnership with 
the partner institution). It is anticipated that 
the J4P’s Interim Program Coordinator and SDV’s 
Youth Officer will participate in some of the 
field research. The field findings will be 
consolidated into a series of reports analyzing, 
providing lessons on improving accountability and 
dispute resolution in these projects, and 
additionally providing analysis of the ways in 
which distribution of state- and non-state 
resources into communities alters local power 
structures and citizen-state expectations.  A 
field manual detailing the methodology is in development.


7.      The services of a consultant are required 
to undertake and supervise field research 
activities.  The main duties and responsibilities of the Consultant will be[1]:

A.                Training and Mentoring
·         Provide on-site supervision to a team 
of four local researchers. Ensure all research 
data collected is of high quality, accurate, 
complete, and held in confidentiality.
·         Provide training and mentoring to the 
national researchers. In addition to 
participation in research skills training 
exercises, provide regular feedback on 
performance and daily coaching to build qualitative research capacity.

B.                 Research and Analysis
·         Identify and conduct interviews with 
key respondents, using the field manual and 
interview formats as appropriate. As necessary, 
alter research plans and field manuals on-site to 
reflect realities on the ground.
·         In cooperation with research teams, 
develop case studies analyzing and presenting 
findings from field research. Contribute to 
development of a series of written products 
(briefing notes, final reports, issue discussion 
notes) presenting research findings.

C.                 Other
·         Participation in workshops, 
conferences, and other forums, both in 
Timor-Leste and abroad, as appropriate and required.
·         Other tasks as required and agreed to 
by the TTLs, research coordinating committee, and the Consultant.


8.      Specific outputs will include:
·         Completed interview materials 
(interview formats and data sheets, etc)
·         Three district field reports (one per round of research)
·         Case studies from field research
·         Contributions to briefing notes, final 
reports, etc, as required and allocated on a time-basis.

9.   The ideal candidate will possess some or all 
of the following characteristics:
§         University degree (preferably advanced) 
in law, anthropology, or a related field.
§         Extensive experience conducting 
intensive field research in Timor-Leste or similar environments.
§         Fluency in Tetum and/or Bahasa Indonesia (required).
§         Demonstrated experience training and mentoring research teams.
§         Knowledge of Timor-Leste, particularly 
customary institutions and local authority structures.
§         Strong writing and editorial skills.
§         Outcome oriented, focused and flexible.
§         Ability to work alone and be innovative.

V.          MANAGEMENT

10.  The position is based in Dili; however, the 
majority of the contract will be spent living and 
working in field locations under difficult conditions.

11.  On a day-to-day basis the Consultant will 
report to a research coordinating committee 
consisting of the the J4P Interim Program 
Coordinator (Pamela Dale) and a representative 
from the local partner institution.

12.  Ultimately the Consultant reports to the 
Task Team Leaders based in Washington DC 
(Caroline Sage, J4P and Ingo Wiederhoefer, EASSO).


Interested candidates are requested to submit a 
current CV, cover letter outlining relevant 
experience, and two references to Pamela Dale 
(<mailto:pdale at worldbank.org>pdale at worldbank.org) 
and Geraldo da Silva 
(<mailto:monizdasilva at gmail.com>monizdasilva at gmail.com), 
cc:ing Susanne Skoruppa 
(<mailto:sskoruppa at worldbank.org>sskoruppa at worldbank.org) 
and Samuel Clark 
(<mailto:sclark at worldbank.org>sclark at worldbank.org) 
by COB 27 March 2009. The assignment is expected 
to commence on or around 13 April 2009.

[1] All tasks will be conducted in cooperation 
with the Dili-based J4P Interim Program 
Coordinator, J4P and SDV project TTLs, and appropriate advisory staff).
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