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Dear all, 

please note that it was not me who requested this translation- ive had lots of people reply to me although i did not send the initial email, I only sent a possible response. I think this kind of discussion is very interesting though, and hope there is more of this in the future. It is the role of linguists (and therefore the INL) to be descriptive, not prescriptive, so I would not agree that the 'default' language to use is portuguese when a tetun option is not available. It may well be the case that a portuguese substitute is used most of the time, but we should be guided by native speaker intuition- whatever word is most widely used and understood is the most appropriate. Dr Sara Niner asked the question about the translation. Please direct your responses to her! 



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Hi Katrina, It’s Trish, I’d go for badinas liman, Liman fatin, place of hands, does not make make much sense. I think in some places Portuguese would be fine, otherwise yes, kerajinan tangan is quite clear.
Kind regards

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You could possibly use badinas liman or industria liman? (Liman-fatin sounds more like youre talking about a place for hands..) My suggestion would be to use the Indonesian simply because it is a term widely understood in Timor and would cause the least  amount of confusion. It is perfectly acceptable to do this if Tetum speakers haven't started replacing this with a specific Tetum term (which to my knowledge hasn't happened yet). Hope this is helpful.
Katrina Langford

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Subject: [TimorLesteStudies] FW: Tetun Translation for Handcraft--Liman-fatin or Artesantu

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Dear Bu could you post this for me, thanks sara
Dear Language Buffs
I need a final decision on what word(s) to use for handcraft in Timor-Leste preferably in Tetun but so that most will understand itat a small meeting in Dili the advice was to use the Indonesian but on reflection Id rather use Tetun if possible--comments welcome.
Liman-fatin (Tetun) = Artesantu (Portuguese/Tetun?) = Kerajinan tangan (Indonesian) = Handcraft (English)
Dr. Sara Niner
m: 0417 357 298
t: 03 9527 5063
e: sara at alolafoundation.org

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