[TimorLesteStudies] Book launch «Timor-Lest e: relato das negociações para a Indepe ndência» , Jamsheed Marker, 5 de Maio, 18h30]

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Wed May 6 14:23:50 EST 2009

>Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 09:41:16 +0900
>From: Charles Scheiner <cscheiner at igc.org>
>This book was published in English in 2003.  At 
>the time, reviewers felt it was largely 
>self-serving, with many historical 
>inaccuracies.  I imagine Portuguese reviewers will discover the same.
>-- Charlie Scheiner
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>>>Date: Tue, 05 May 2009 10:42:46 +0200
>>>From: Goncalo Carneiro <carneirog at fresti.pt>
>>>The event will take place today (May 5th) in 
>>>Lisbon, so most of the list members will miss 
>>>it, but the book itself might be of interest 
>>>to many, especially since it is a bilingual edition.
>>>Kind regards
>>>Book launch «Timor-Leste: relato das 
>>>negociações para a Independência», Jamsheed 
>>>Marker, Fundação Oriente, Lisboa, 5 de Maio, 18h30
>>>Book lauch "East Timor ­ A Memoir of the 
>>>Nogotiations for Independence”, by Jamsheed 
>>>Marker, Fundação Oriente, Lisbon, May 5th, 18h30
>>>Bilingual edition
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