[TimorLesteStudies] Call for Papers: Gender and occupations and interventions in the Asia Pacific, 1945-2009

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 CALL FOR PAPERS for two-day workshop: 
 “Gender and occupations and interventions in the Asia Pacific, 
 Key dates:    General CFP deadline: 17 July 2009
                         Sponsored position deadline: 17 July 2009
                         Notification of application outcomes: 14 August 2009
 Event to be held:    10-11 December 2009
 Venue:                      Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies (CAPSTRANS), University of Wollongong
 Contacts:                 Dr Rowena Ward, roward at uow.edu.au 
 Dr Christine de Matos, cdm at uow.edu.au
 Sponsored by the ARC Asia Pacific Futures Research Network (APFRN), 
 CAPSTRANS and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Wollongong
 Military occupations and interventions, increasingly common in regions of the Asia Pacific, have a gendered impact on both those engaged in occupying or intervening, and those whose lands have been occupied or are undergoing an intervention. Yet little is known about this gendered impact, in terms of both masculinities and femininities, either historically or in more contemporary times.
 This small workshop will bring together for the first time established scholars, ECRs, postgraduates and community members and activists to discuss issues related to gender, occupation and intervention. Considering the current relevance of occupations and interventions, it is surely time that academic conversations about these issues be encouraged. The renowned activist on issues related to women and the military, Takazato Suzuyo, of the group Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence, will be a keynote speaker, and scholar of the Japanese ‘war brides’ in Australia, Keiko Tamura, will also contribute. Selected presenters may have the opportunity to publish their work in an edited book of papers and/or a special edition of the peer-reviewed e-journal PORTAL  Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies in late 2010.
 The organisers invite interested postgraduate students and scholars to submit proposals for papers along with a 1-2 page CV, including full contact details and institutional affiliation. A limited number of sponsored positions will be available to select postgraduates and ECRs. Workshop participants will be expected to present a short paper (20 minutes) on their current research, to engage in discussion of their work with other participants, and to provide feedback to fellow participants. Proposals should be no more than 200 words and reflect the workshop themes. Possible themes include (but are not limited to):
 ·                     Gendered economic impact of occupation/intervention (occupied women and work; poverty alleviation/survival; effect of economic change under occupation/intervention on men and women)
 ·                     Masculinities and occupation/intervention 
 ·                     Women as occupiers/in interventions
 ·                     Sexual impact of occupations/interventions
 ·                     Sexualities and occupation/intervention
 ·                     Gender and political and social change under occupation/intervention
 ·                     Effect of military presence on women and families
 ·                     Daily life under occupation/interventions
 ·                     Gender as a framework of transnational political activism
 ·                     Theoretical approaches to researching gender, occupations and interventions.
 Geographical sites to be explored can include (but are not limited to):
 ·                     Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952); Okinawa (1945-1972 + ongoing US military presence)
 ·                     US military presence in Micronesia and the Pacific 
 ·                     Occupation of Iraq (2003-)
 ·                     Occupation of Afghanistan (2001-)
 ·                     Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (2003-)
 ·                     INTERFET (1999)/Timor Leste 
 ·                     The Intervention into Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory 
 (2007-)/occupation of Indigenous lands.
 Proposals must be submitted via email attachment (Word document or rtf) by 17 July 2009 to either Dr Rowena Ward (roward at uow.edu.au) or Dr Christine de Matos (cdm at uow.edu.au). Notification of the outcome of the proposal will be provided by 14 August 2009.
 Sponsored Positions for Postgraduates and ECRs
 The workshop organisers have a small number of sponsored positions available only to postgraduates and ECRs around Australia. ECRs are defined as those whose PhD was awarded in or after 2004. The sponsored positions will be allocated on a competitive basis and will cover domestic travel costs and accommodation for up to two nights only. To apply for one of the sponsored positions, please send the following by 17 July 2009:
 1)         A 200 word outline of your current research project and how it relates to the workshop theme;
 2)         A 150 word statement on how attendance at the workshop will benefit your research and career path;
 3)         A 1-2 page current CV;
 4)         A letter from your supervisor (postgraduates) or Director/Head of School (ECRs) demonstrating their support for your attendance at the workshop; and
 5)         A statement of travel requirements (eg type of transport (air, bus, train, car)).
 Notification of the outcome of applications will be given by 14 August 2009.
 For further information, please contact the workshop organisers: Dr Rowena Ward (roward at uow.edu.au) or Dr Christine de Matos (cdm at uow.edu.au ). 
 A workshop web page will be available through the CAPSTRANS website: http://www.capstrans.edu.au/resources/conferences/2009/gender_occupation_workshop.html.

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