[TimorLesteStudies] World Bank's Justice for the Poor Program Timor Leste is Looking for a Consultant.

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>Subject: World Bank's Justice for the Poor Program Timor Leste is 
>Looking for   a
>  Consultant.
>Dear East Timor Study Group
>The World Bank's Justice for the Poor program, together with the 
>Timor-Leste National Statistics Directorate, conducted a module on 
>justice as part of the 2007 extended Timor-Leste Survey of Living 
>Standards. The justice component of the survey examined four 
>interrelated issues: (1) community trust and decision-making; (2) 
>knowledge and opinion of the law; (3) local institutions; and (4) 
>dispute resolution. A thorough statistical analysis of the collected 
>data has been conducted, and the J4P team intends to produce written 
>analyses of the relevant data, pairing statistical analysis with 
>anthropological insight.
>The team is therefore looking for a social scientist with 
>substantial Timor experience to serve as a consultant for write-up 
>of this data. The consultant will be responsible for producing 3 
>short, topical policy notes (approx 3-5 pages each) and one 
>comprehensive report (approx 20 pages) based on the survey findings. 
>The consultant will work lead the work, but will work together with 
>the J4P team's survey analysis consultant, who will contribute 
>sections of the report requiring quantitative analysis (including 
>data tables, charts, etc). The social scientist will ensure that the 
>data are explained in qualitative terms, including a discussion of 
>their relevance in the Timor-Leste context and the potential impact 
>of the findings on current operational and policy activities. In 
>addition to the TLSLSx and TLSLS databases, the consultant will be 
>expected to use relevant information from other surveys and reports 
>on Timor-Leste.
>The consultant will be expected to work remotely, with minimal 
>supervision. In addition to extensive experience living or working 
>in Timor-Leste, the ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:
>- Degree in anthropology or a related field
>- Record of publication-quality writing, including experience with 
>policy-oriented writing
>- Ability to work independently
>- Basic understanding of statistics, and ability to read and 
>interpret tables presenting statistical data
>- Prior experience with survey analysis
>In total, a consultant is needed for a maximum of 50 days between 
>mid-October and late-December. This position is being recruited 
>urgently, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
>Interested candidates should submit their CV, which details related 
>qualifications, to Pamela Dale 
>(<mailto:pdale at worldbank.org>pdale at worldbank.org) and Geraldo Moniz 
>da Silva (<mailto:monizdasilva at gmail.com>monizdasilva at gmail.com). 
>Questions are also welcome, and should be addressed to Pamela or Geraldo.
>Thanks for your  help to distribute this information!
>Kind Regards,
>Geraldo Moniz da Silva
>Program Research Assistant for J4P program Timor Leste
>The World Bank
>Av. Direitos Humanos Lecidere
>Dili, Timor Leste
>Email. <mailto:monizdasilva at gmail.com>monizdasilva at gmail.com
>Ph. (+670) 7336064

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