[TimorLesteStudies] New Book: Anomie and Violence: Non-truth and reconciliation in Indonesian peacebuilding

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Anomie and Violence
 	 Non-truth and reconciliation in Indonesian peacebuilding 
ANU E-press

 John Braithwaite, Valerie Braithwaite,  Michael Cookson,  Leah  Dunn.
ISBN 9781921666223 $29.95 (GST inclusive)
 	ISBN 9781921666230 (Online)
 	Published March 2010

Also available to download (see link below).
Indonesia suffered an explosion of religious violence, ethnic  violence, separatist violence, terrorism, and violence by criminal  gangs, the security forces and militias in the late 1990s and early  2000s. By 2002 Indonesia had the worst terrorism problem of any nation.  All these forms of violence have now fallen dramatically. How was this  accomplished? What drove the rise and the fall of violence?  Anomie  theory is deployed to explain these developments. Sudden institutional  change at the time of the Asian financial crisis and the fall of  President Suharto meant the rules of the game were up for grabs. Valerie  Braithwaite’s motivational postures theory is used to explain the  gaming of the rules and the disengagement from authority that occurred  in that era. Ultimately resistance to Suharto laid a foundation for  commitment to a revised, more democratic, institutional order. The  peacebuilding that occurred was not based on the high-integrity  truth-seeking and reconciliation that was the normative preference of  these authors. Rather it was based on non-truth, sometimes lies, and yet  substantial reconciliation.  This poses a challenge to restorative  justice theories of peacebuilding.


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