[TimorLesteStudies] Survey questions on TL

Andre Borgerhoff abotoday at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 14 03:48:58 EST 2010

Dear friends and colleagues, 

I am conducting a survey for a national think tank, 
roughly speaking with reference to the following key terms: 
Political players/parties in Timor-Leste, role of the media, justice, violence, state services (welfare, health, education, etc.), political reform, public confidence in the state/government. 

I'd be delighted if any of you could help me with her or his knowledge of affairs in TL.  

I have some 15 questions with regard to that survey, 
should take about 30mins to answer. 
You just need to answer what you have an answer for. 
Only notes is fine (English or Bahasa Id).

If you are interested in helping me, please respond to me directly and I'll send the question to you. 

Thanks so much for any help! 

Cheers from Germany
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