[TimorLesteStudies] New article: Kelly Silva: Processes of Regionalisation in East Timor Social Conflicts

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Silva, K. 2010. 'Processes of Regionalisation in East Timor Social Conflicts'.Anthropological Forum, Volume   20, Issue  2  July 2010 , pages 105 - 123 


This text analyses the 2006 crisis in East Timor. It suggests that the  historical background to the structuring of the East Timorese resistance  to Indonesian occupation and the morals of reciprocity are important  facts that enable a better understanding of how the crisis unfolded.  This argument is supported by discussion of certain aspects of the 2005  disputes between the Catholic Church and the Fretilin Government  relating to the issue of teaching religion in public schools, and by the  2007 presidential elections. In the complex context of the East Timor  nation-building process, an ideology of reciprocity transformed the  regional opposition between Lorosa'e/Firaku and Loromonu/Kaladi into a  socio-political concern. 

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