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Although no papers on East Timor yet the following papers will be interesting for those doing comparative work.

               The Centre for International Governance  and Justice at the Australian National University has been pursuing a  research project named 'Building Democracy and Justics after Conflict'.  The aim of the project is to advance new ways of thinking about building  the structures for democracy and justice after conflict. The focus is  the potential contribution of international law and regulatory theory to  this enterprise. War weakens democratic governance and the capacity to  deal with crimes committed during the conflict. The international  community's response to this has been haphazard. Our aim is to develop  innovative theoretical models to ground international norms about  governance and justice after conflict, and practical proposals to  implement them.
 The Working Papers for  the Building Democracy and Justice After Conflict
Project are now  available at:

               Working papers:
Working  paper 1: The role of the United Nations Security Council
Working  paper 2: The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission 
Working  paper 3: The United Nations Democracy Fund
 Working  paper 4: The Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Working  paper 5: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission
Working  paper 6: The Liberian Transitional Peace Process, 2003-2006
               The objective of this series of working  papers, focusing on particular institutions, mechanisms and regions, is  to assess the effect of multilateral attempts to promote democracy and  human rights in post-conflict situations. We examine how ideas of  democracy and human rights have affected these processes so far and with  what results.
We welcome comments on these working papers. Please  send comments to Dr Jeremy Farrall-jeremy.farrall at anu.edu.au 

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