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Exhibition of street art from Timor-Leste in Melbourne:
'Peace of wall - street art from East Timor'

* Featuring:
- Alfeo Sanchez Pereira
- Chris Parkinson
- Etson Arintes da Costa Caminha
- Zito Soares da Silva

There is less than a week to catch this Melbourne exhibition that documents
the street art of Timor-Leste. In conjunction with the exhibition, three
visiting East Timorese artists (founders of the Arte Moris Art School in
Dili) also recently visited Melbourne to paint a temporary artwork on the
wall of the gallery as well as in a nearby lane.

This is a great opportunity to see this exhibition in Melbourne's CBD, in
the midst of our thriving local graffiti and street art.

* Venue: Until Never [Gallery], 2nd Floor 3-5 Hosier Lane, Melbourne,
Australia (Enter from Rutledge Lane)
Gallery website: www.untilnever.net
Melway map: 1A, K-10

* Gallery hours: Open Wednesday to Saturday 12 noon - 6 pm.

* Exhibition duration:
The exhibition will close next Saturday 29 May, 2010 at 6.00 pm

* Further information:
Chris Parkinson spent four years living and working in East Timor.
Throughout this time, he documented the changing political and social
climate in the country through the graffiti expressed on the country¹s
surfaces. His first book, 'Peace of Wall: Street Art from East Timor',
showcases some of the images and stories from this documentation.

To celebrate the launch of Chris Parkinson's book and exhibition 'Peace of
Wall', Zito Soares da Silva, Alfeo Sanchez Pereira and Etson Arintes da
Costa Caminha, founders of  East Timor¹s free art school, Arte Moris (Art is
Life) travelled to Melbourne to establish links between visual artists in
Melbourne and East Timor.

Zito, Alfeo and Etson created several murals while in Melbourne, including
the interior of Until Never, and a large artwork on the wall of Hosier Lane.

The new book by Chris Parkinson:
'Peace of wall: street art from East Timor' with a foreword by Dr José
Ramos-Horta is available from the AETA bookshop (contact details below).

About the Gallery:
UNTIL NEVER is an independent gallery in Melbourne Australia, presenting
contemporary art by Australian and international artists.

Until Never was founded by Citylights Projects director Andy Mac in 2005.
Andy has been based in Hosier Lane since 1998, curating the Citylights
lightboxes, running studios and facilitating street art in the notorious
cobblestoned explosion of public art that is Hosier Lane, in the heart of
Melbourne city.

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