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|    The Inaugural 
  Munir Said Thalib Memorial Lecture 
  “The Need for Justice in Indonesia and East Timor”          
  On 7th September  2004 Munir, the Indonesian most prominent human rights defender, was  murdered. Up until now, the executor, Mr. Pollycarpus, has been  imprisoned. However, the mastermind has not been brought to justice.  Strong evidence pointing to Retired Major General Muchdi Purwopranjono from the Indonesia Intelligent Body as the one who ordered the murder. However, the court released him in the bases of lack of  evidence.
  In September 1999, Munir Said Thalib was appointed a member of the Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations in East Timor (KPPHAM), set up by Indonesia's National  Human Rights Commission. Its investigations produced a wealth of  evidence of the Indonesian army’s involvement in recruiting,  financing, training and using the militia which caused havoc at the  time of the UN supervised Referendum in the territory.   
  To mark the 6th  anniversary of Munir’s death, Indonesian Solidarity has organised a  public lecture with three experts on the legal and political issues  surrounding the prosecution of high-ranking Indonesian military  officers for their role in crimes against humanity. The issues that  hinder the pursuit for justice in Indonesia and East Timor: 
 With speakers:
  Dr  Clinton Fernandes is a senior lecturer at UNSW (Australian Defence Force Academy). Who will analyse the need for justice in East  Timor & the role of civil society. 
  Mr Rusdi Marpaung  is from Imparsial,  the human rights monitor in Jakarta, where Munir was a director and  will elaborate on the current legal development of Munir’ case. 
  Mr Edio Guterres is an East Timorese  Postgraduate student who will speak on the prospects and challenges for the pursuit of justice in East Timor. 
  Date                           :  Tuesday 21st September 2010 
 Time                          :  1.30pm - 3.30pm 
 Venue                        :  Mathews 312 
                                       The University of New South Wales 
 Entry                         :  Free       
 For further info or media enquiries please contact: indonesian_solidarity at yahoo.com.au or telephone: (02) 9217-3874 and 0416809107                         
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