[TimorLesteStudies] Hope for East Timor Gas Resolution

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Hope for East Timor Gas Resolution


this contribution is supplied by me but with the permission of the  
author, oil and gas engineer Geoff McKee.

This came about because Jude Conway wanted to have a seminar on this  
topic in Newcastle. Her guests included Tomas Freitas, and she asked  
me to help locate McKee, so I asked him what he had come up with.  
After some fine tuning of the talk, he has made this comprehensive  
document, and is happy for me to introduce it.  One has to view it  
from Scribd, as it probably would not meet all the etan criteria given  
the graphics.


In my humble opinion it provides a way forward over the stalled  
development of Greater Sunrise.  It is an engineer's view, but from  
long experience and goodwill.   (I found one date edit:  under Framing  
the Debate, date should read May 31 2011).  With my different  
background I probably have slightly different views on some issues.   
Who cares?   It is up to the East Timor nation and its government to  
take this opportunity to re-start realistic negotiations with the new  
CEO of Woodside and partners, and vice versa, if they want to gain the  
benefits of this resource.

In brief, McKee proposes ways to bring a share of the gas to East  
Timor that will enable a secure future if it is used wisely for  
economic development. eg Clean fuel for major industrial development  
including the proposed big new power stations, and provide LPG and  
other products as required for home and business users.  I have 2  
recent reports on my computer, headed:  1.  'Leader hopes for East  
Timor gas resolution',  view of JR Horta; and 2.  'Gusmao called on  
Australia to help TL-LNG'.   Clearly East Timor leaders want to  
progress this issue, and clearly Woodside and partners want to develop  
the field.  I say: over to the level heads who are prepared to  
carefully study the real issues and needs, costs and benefits.


Rob Wesley-Smith,  Darwin
rwesley at ozemail.com.au    08 89832113

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