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Dear Friends and Colleagues,         
The World Bank is presently preparing a paper to elaborate its approach in the area of justice reform. In  developing the paper, we are eager to have input from external  stakeholders, including representatives from governments, civil society,  and multilateral agencies. 
         We would be grateful for your participation. The consultation is located at http://www.worldbank.org/justiceconsult. There, you will find a discussion note. 
                   The  note addresses four areas in which we seek to clarify the World Bank’s  work and focus: (1) how the World Bank defines its goals in justice  reform, (2) how best to meet client needs in this area, (3) how to  improve the quality and effectiveness of justice reform efforts, and (4)  how best to integrate justice reform into the World Bank’s overall  support for development. The note concludes with seven questions for  consultation, which I have also pasted below.
         We invite you to participate in a virtual discussion with other stakeholders or, if you prefer, via a questionnaire or email. The consultation period will run until March 15, though we would appreciate your input as soon as you are able.          
We kindly ask that you extend this invitation to other networks and stakeholders who may be interested. 
         Feel free to write justiceconsult at worldbank.org  with any questions, suggestions or concerns. A summary of feedback  received, how it was used, and a copy of the final paper will also be  posted on the website going forward. We look forward to hearing your  views! 

         Christina Beibesheimer         Vivek Maru         Abigail Moy         Deval Desai          
         __________________________         Christina Biebesheimer
         Chief Counsel
         Justice Reform Practice Group
         Legal Vice Presidency         phone +1/202/458-4978                   QUESTIONS FOR CONSULTATION                   1) Focus and scale:  On which areas of justice reform should the World Bank focus? What is  its comparative advantage? Are there aspects of justice reform which the  Bank should avoid or abandon? Areas to scale up? Are there aspects for  which the World Bank should rely on partnerships with other  institutions?          2) Improving effectiveness: How could the effectiveness of the World Bank’s justice reform efforts be improved?         3) Goals and indicators:  What are the intermediate and ultimate outcomes sought by justice  reform? Do current World Bank justice reform activities produce those  outcomes? What indicators should be used to measure success in justice  reform?          4) Demand v. Need:  How do you perceive country need for justice reform and client demand  for justice reform operations? If there is a discrepancy between the  two, why do you think that is, and what should be done about it?          5) Success stories: Are there justice reform efforts you regard as successful? How do you know? Why did they succeed?          6) Research: What research and analytical work should the World Bank undertake in relation to justice reform?          7) Integrating justice into development: How could justice reform be better integrated into the Bank’s approach to governance, and its broader development strategy?

Dr Bu V.E. Wilson
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E: buvewilson at gmail.com

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