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I have been following up a reference enquiry from a Timorese Ph.D. student regarding the Portuguese-language A voz de Timor newspaper, published in Dili 1959 (?)-1975. This would be an important resource for researchers of this period. Although many libraries hold microfilm  versions of some issues for 1965-1970 , it does not appear that there are many print copies for the years 1971-1975 that have survived. After investigating what we had in the National Library of Australia I was surprised - and delighted - to find that we do have copies of many issues for 1971-1974, and particularly extensive holdings for 1974. Some of the interesting articles are on the policies of  ASDT and UDT, and some of the earliest usages of the term Maubere in a political context, as well as some early Tetun headlines and Timorese poetry. Because of the importance of this resource for researchers I have suggested to the Library that the newspaper copies we have be reformatted (either as microfilm or digitised) for preservation and to improve access. However, tragically, we do not have any issues for 1975 and so far I have not been able to find any in library catalogues across the world (the National Library of Portugal does have a record, but does not list which years they hold. If anyone has a direct contact there I could ask, please let me know!). Is anyone able to advise me of anywhere that may hold them? If so, some co-operation may be possible to ensure that we have these issues reformatted as well. Or do any readers of this list have copies of A voz de Timor  we may be able to borrow to include in the reformatting project? There are issues missing for all years, not just 1974-1975, that we would like to include, but of course 1975 is the highest priority. We are looking for complete (or nearly complete) issues, not clippings.
If you are able to assist with lending copies or suggesting where they might be held, please contact me.
Thank you.

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