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Dear Colleagues,

The following job in Timor-Leste may be of interest to some colleagues:


 <http://devnetjobs.tripod.com/3march2011-advisor-timor-leste.html> Adviser,
Human Resource Operations
 Ministry of Finance 
 Location: Timor Leste 
 Last Date: March 18, 2011


Job Title:                     Adviser, Human Resource Operations


Contract No.:             DGCS68


Objectives:                 To implement human resources management
policies, programs and procedures across the Ministry of Finance  


Reporting to:             Senior Management Adviser, Corporate Services

                                    PFMCBP-PIU (for administration and
contractual purposes)


Counterpart staff:     Head, Department of Human Resources Management 

Professional Development Program Implementation Officer.


Duration:                    to June 2011 with the possibility of a
twelve-month extension


Location:                    Ministry of Finance 


Selection Criteria


Technical competencies

.         At least a first degree relevant to Human Resource Management
together with a minimum of ten years of practical experience in the
implementation of personnel operations including: recruitment, human
resource planning, HR records and performance appraisal. Significant
experience in the operational work of government would be an asset;

.         Good conceptual and analytical skills;

.         Demonstrated understanding of government systems and processes,
including integrity systems, customer service culture, and systems and
processes to promote accountability and transparency;

.         Extensive knowledge of public administration, with specific
knowledge of human resource management.

.         Excellent negotiation skills.

.         Demonstrated ability to manage complex stakeholder relationships. 

.         Excellent written and oral communication skills.

.         English language fluency

.         Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia or Tetum would be a distinct advantage

Capacity-building competencies

The selected candidate should be service oriented, disciplined, mature,
honest, open, transparent, and able to maintain good working relationships
with counterparts and other staff members, and have a strong professional
work ethic. 

In addition, the candidate should have: 

a.	A commitment to supporting Timorese staff to achieve the outcomes
and objectives of the division/ministry; 
b.	Ability to model the attitudes and behaviors required, including
openness, teamwork, transparency, cooperation, communication, accountability
and a customer service attitude; 
c.	Flexible and responsive, disciplined and patient; 
d.	Demonstrated ability to communicate ideas and analyses clearly and
tactfully, both orally and in writing; 
e.	Demonstrated ability to assist and support the development of useful
processes and procedures within the unit and to integrate the attitudes and
behaviours effectively in the work program; 
f.	Demonstrated ability to transfer skills and knowledge - previous
staff development or teaching experience would be highly regarded; 
g.	Demonstrated ability to adapt to challenges in the workplace,
including finding creative solutions ; 
h.	Familiarity with Timor-Leste and Timorese culture is an advantage. 


The successful candidate will be expected to assist in the implementation of
a range of HR policies and systems with an emphasis on supporting staff in
both Corporate Services and the National Directorates of the Ministry of
Finance. Timorese nationals and advisers with experience and language skills
in Indonesia and Malaysia are strongly encouraged to apply. 

The position is being recruited under the Ministry of Finance Planning and
Financial Management Capacity Building Program (PFMBP). PFMCBP is a
five-year technical assistance program supported by a grant from the
International Development Association and a co-financing Multi-Donor Trust
Fund. This five-year Program started in late 2006, and is expected to be
extended to December 2012. PFMCBP provides technical assistance to
strengthen planning, budgeting, public expenditure management and revenue
administration for growth and poverty reduction, with emphasis on
efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, integrity, service culture, and

Early capacity building initiatives undertaken by the Government focused on
getting the public financial management system up and running. With such
focus, the system that was established remains heavily reliant on the
presence of international advisers, who have largely focused on in-line
performance and, to a limited extent, on the transfer of skills. From 2007
onwards a more focused approach on capacity-building was implemented. This
is being pursued to emphasis the substitution of international for local or
regional expertise.  

In August 2009, the Ministry of Finance embarked on a process to redeploy
its own staff in line with the functions of its new structure as defined in
Decree Law no 12 of 2009. An important step towards this is to complete the
staff needs mapping for every work unit within MoF, identify position
requirements and develop job descriptions/persons specifications for each
position. The adviser is expected to play a lead role in the development of
job descriptions and person specifications. The adviser will also support
efforts by the PFMCBP to identify specific areas in which external expertise
will be needed for the extended program post June 2011.

Duties and Responsibilities  

Core functions: 

*	Support the DHRM to provide assistance to other Directorates within
MoF in completing their staff mapping needs and fill in the persons
specification forms; 
*	Support the MoF in identifying specific TA needs that may be
required post June 2011. 
*	Support the MoF in undertaking a comprehensive job analysis within
the Ministry of Finance to determine human resources capacity gaps that
could be supported with external international and national technical
*	Support the DHRM to assist National Directorates to prepare staff
development plans consistent with the Ministries strategic planning
*	Liaise with the PDP implementation officer to identify training
needs for each staff, and support the implementation of training programs.


The Complete job description is available at:


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Outreach Coordinator


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