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Biblioteka Nasional Timor Leste 

Under the auspices of the Secretary for Culture, a National
Library of Timor Leste will be established in the near future. 

To commence the
process of building a national collection, national library staff will begin a
program of approaching institutions in Timor who have published materials and
may wish to provide a copy to the National Library. This will ensure that
generations to come will have access to these materials that will help engender an informed community, for
cultural, educational and economical benefit. 

We are also looking for information about materials and
collections held overseas that people may wish to see become part of the
national collection in Timor.  Please note that we are seeking materials with direct relevance to
Timor Leste, or materials that have been published in Timor Leste.

If you can provide materials or information regarding
collections, please contact:

Abilio Da Silva Director of Museums and Libraries: silva_da_abilio at yahoo.com or 

Karen Myers, Advisor to the National Library karenmyers1 at hotmail.com  		 	   		  
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