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Dear all,

I've just published an article about East-Timorese literature called "EAST-TIMORESE LITERATURE: FROM EMERGENCY TO LEGITIMATION".

The complete reference is:

RAMOS, Ana Margarida (2012). “Literatura timorense: da emergência à legitimação”, Caderno Seminal Digital, 18. Rio de Janeiro: Dialogarts, pp. 149-160 ISSN 1806-9142 [acessível em http://www.dialogarts.uerj.br/admin/arquivos_seminal/18_CADERNO%20SEMINAL%20TEMATICO%202012-2_FINAL.pdf]

It's published in portuguese and this is the english version of the abstract.

It’s our purpose to make a brief characterization of contemporary East-timorese literature, with particular emphasis on literary fiction and poetry, in order to reflect on the process of recognition that is occurring in the last few years. Authors such as Luís Cardoso (fiction), or poets like Fernando Sylvan, José Alexandre Gusmão, João Aparício, Jorge Duarte Barros, Jorge Lauten, Francisco Borja da Costa, Afonso Busa Metan, Crisódio T. Araújo, Celso Oliveira, Abé Barreto Soares, among others, express the vitality of an emerging literature struggling for recognition and legitimacy. In practical terms, particular attention will be given to the presence of Timorese literature in three specific contexts: critical discourses, academia and prizes. In addition to some academic studies more or less specific and circumscribed, its recent entry in the new curriculum of Secondary Education in East Timor, particularly in the discipline of Themes of Literature and Culture, is analyzed as a decisive factor in the construction of cultural and literary east-timorese identity and literature.

KEYWORDS: Emerging literature; Timorese literature; institutionalization and legitimization

It can be found here:

Thank you all. Best regards,

Ana Margarida Ramos
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