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Dear East Timor Studies

Another of my articles in the area has been placed online:

"Marginal Place, Marginal Plays: East Timor in Australian Drama"

This article examines three differing examples of plays that are referenced by the AustLit database as being related to East Timor. While there are many examples of excellent Australian non-fiction dealing with different aspects of the history of East Timor and Australia's relation to it, it would be expected that the widespread outrage at official Government policies might occasion forms of protest via drama, in which an audience is challenged to bear witness via a bodily connection to representations of events. A brief theorisation of the empathetic possibilities of the viewing position of the spectator will be used in the examination. The issue of the magazine in which the article is placed was entitled "Margin", hence the would-be ironic use of the term in the article's title.

Callahan, David. “Marginal Place, Marginal Plays: East Timor in Australian Drama.” The Drouth: Scotland's Literary Quarterly. Issue 42: Margin. Autumn 2012: 26-29



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University of Aveiro
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