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Subject: Violence Against Women in Timor Leste - new report

Dear Colleagues

Please find attached a new report on domestic violence in East Timor written by Angela Taft and Lindsey Watson from La Trobe University, Melbourne. Recommended reading for anyone in policy, research, health or providing services to women and children.

“The 2009 Timor-Leste Demographic Health Survey (TLDHS) included 2951 women aged from 15 to 49 years, able to complete questions about domestic violence adapted from the revised Conflict Tactics Scale (also adapted for the World Health Organization’s multi-country study) and questions about physical and sexual violence from age 15 from any perpetrator. They are representative of the full TLDHS female sample (n=13,137).

The analysis described in this report and conducted for the Timor-Leste JSSF, aimed to:

1. estimate the impact of violence against women in Timor-Leste, specifically intimate partner/domestic and sexual violence;
2. determine the areas of Timor-Leste where women have experienced greater impact from VAW compared with those with lesser impact and whether women have sought any help from services or other family members; and
3. produce useful data about the nature and scope of violence against women that may be
used to improve prevention and response strategies.

The following findings highlight the significant health burden suffered by a large minority of Timorese women, their children and the communities in which they live. Because the analysis confirms the links between violence against women, maternal poor health and infant mortality, it highlights the opportunities to prevent and reduce this health burden in Timor-Leste and improve the potential to reach UN Millennium Development Goals, especially those relating to reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

Best wishes

DrSuzanne Belton

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