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arie paksi paksi_ari at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 22 19:10:17 EST 2013

I am wondering if you help me, or forward my email or give me the contacts
of any people who might be willing to answer two short interview questions for
my masters thesis, who are working with foreign aid (most useful is if they
have experience with Timor-Leste, but it is not necessary).
More about me: I am a masters student in Peace, Conflict and Development
Studies studying in Spain, and writing my thesis on "Foreign Aid in
Timor-Leste: A Critical Overview". I am hoping to get some interviews with
academics, professionals and journalists as part of my primary research. I have
heard good things of the Timor Leste Studies Association and am hoping to get
some opinions. 
1)  In your opinion, what were
the positive and negative impacts of foreign aid? Please provide specific
2)  What are some strategies for
making aid more effective? Please provide specific examples.
If you or one of your colleagues is willing to help me with these
questions, they can either email written answers, or we can do an interview by
phone or Skype. 
Thank you so much in advance,
Arie Paksi
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