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Fri Apr 10 12:49:23 AEST 2015

 LELI in Timorwill commence as soon as they have the numbers (probably in
May 2015). Please get in touch with them if you are interested to study
Portuguese in Dili.

LELI’s Portuguese course aims to encourage and motivate students to learn,
and provide them with the key tools that improve their speaking, listening,
writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary to ensure they can communicate
with greater confidence. Our courses are dynamic and fun, using
communicative teaching methodologies that encourage active student
participation and help to develop their functional English language skills. All
of our courses have clear learning outcomes and specific language objectives,
so it’s clear to see what a student should be able to do upon completion of
one of our courses.

We believe that most students’ goal in the Portuguese language classroom is
to improve their speaking skills so we encourage students to speak by
providing them with varied and motivating tasks based on their interests.
To build students’ confidence, we use listening tasks that are based on
entertaining and realistic situations.

The Portuguese language is present in 4 of the 7 continents, and is
undergoing a strong growth. It is one of Timor-Leste’s official language,
and, as such, it is of great importance to provide the population with
knowledge of this language. Nowadays, it is very important to speak
Portuguese if you want to work for a government institution or for private
companies in Timor-Leste.

*Key features:*

·         Length of course:             50 hours

·         Lessons per week:          Two x 2-hour lessons (4 hours per week)

·         Days of the week:           Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays &

·         Schedule:                            15:45 – 17:45, or 18:00 –

·         Cost:                                      $325 per person
(includes course book and supplementary materials)

·         Levels:                                  3 (1 x beginner, 2 x
elementary levels).

·         Assessment:                      Students receive a certificate
and competency based statements aligned to the
                internationally recognized Common European Framework of
Reference for                                                        Languages

All candidates must complete a pre-course placement test at LELI before
being assigned an appropriate level of study. For further information,
please call 7748 7232 / 7700 9350, or send an email to
enquiriesatleli at gmail.com

Dr Bu V.E. Wilson
Principal Consultant
Hau Meni & Associates

T: Australia +61 (0) 407 087 086
T: Timor-Leste +670 7814 1774 (work)/+670 7718 7743(home)
E: buvewilson at gmail.com
S: hau.meni
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